Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man


What do you say when you are missing someone? I MISS YOU

You know I know, and where I am is with you, even if for a second I must wear this reflection of your love to pure alone. My nights and days course around the air I still as you breathe. I am lost in you, and then I remember to breathe, and my heart saturates to a dull as I shake to tear the want convulsing to beat my heart silence a support of together. I know your love as in it I am lost waiting. Waiting for the morning rise where I can be by you to sip the morning awake. I know how this sounds as in the stay of what was given alludes until again the moment of forever’s grace, but there are moments in what we share as true where my lips still dry to a lick of thought moist, and I see you. With my eyes closed I have you on the sill of each dream alive until one day. One day my hand in yours. Be it in the motion upon the rest of life a sheet. I will turn to cover you gently with soft. I breathe with you darling away but living you together.

How does a romantic kiss feel?BREATHE ME…

Into disappear

the air around you stops

as you become unsensitized

in the where by the meet

of a breathless time froze

heats where the palpitations

In the stretch on your lips

soft to pearl gentle

in the touch of a glossed bliss

unfurled as a memory

and you put the where of you

inside the heart you free

as you take the want of a love

gave as given to share.

Slow motion jags in swirl

to erratic moments forward

as seconds become Milli-seconds

to splashes of stop

on edge to advance a touch

of skin laid to commit the purity

of two hearts in one thought.

Erased to empty on you fall

in the wings of love

where you remove time

to the place of tenderness

you sojourn that moment

to exclude any where

save the wear where you are one.

In each other the “kiss”

fills you to eternity’s forever.

How does a romantic kiss feel?

It is felt in every breath

until it is again shared

from the heart of you

to the one you love.

What makes a relationship worthwhile?

It is about the extension of yourself you give in the heart of others that reflects the love possessed.

It is your herald to those you see, and don’t see, that reflects in their eyes the message of what you have fulfilled in them.

In a way that escapes the here, the moment shifts the parallels of time and space to disperse your being into the essence who you gave your heart to.

This is when the world can see your heart beating inside of another.

The greater the sensitivity, if you observe into the void of life, you will see that which you have is because of what is seen in you.

It is the heart of the love given.

This is where true love can be seen wherever you are.

It is in the heart of the one you are meant to hold.

You wake and sleep this love.

What makes a relationship worthwhile?

It is in the heart that is given.

It is in you.

What do I do if I do not know how to get out of my relationsip?

Here is my opinion, “I am terribly sorry. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but the simple fact is I don’t see a future for us. This may seem terribly selfish of me but in fact I am truly thinking of both of us. It simply isn’t fair to give you false hope that we will last forever when I have already decided this isn’t what I want. I know this hurts and for that I am sorry. But you deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you as much you want to be with them. I promise you, it was nothing you did or didn’t do, you don’t have to change anything about you. I simply don’t feel what I should feel and that isn’t fair to either of us. I wish you all the best and hope you find that special person.

What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t, but I should?They use motor oil on pancakes in commercials!

Commercials for big brand name restaurants, like Mcdonalds, opt for motor oil as “syrup” for pancakes! The reason they do this is so the pancakes don’t absorb the “syrup” and make it look more appealing to us.

There’s also a bunch of other techniques like putting cardboard in between burger patties so they don’t sink too much and look fluffy! Or shaving cream to make it look like whipped cream so it doesn’t melt!