How does a romantic kiss feel?BREATHE ME…

Into disappear

the air around you stops

as you become unsensitized

in the where by the meet

of a breathless time froze

heats where the palpitations

In the stretch on your lips

soft to pearl gentle

in the touch of a glossed bliss

unfurled as a memory

and you put the where of you

inside the heart you free

as you take the want of a love

gave as given to share.

Slow motion jags in swirl

to erratic moments forward

as seconds become Milli-seconds

to splashes of stop

on edge to advance a touch

of skin laid to commit the purity

of two hearts in one thought.

Erased to empty on you fall

in the wings of love

where you remove time

to the place of tenderness

you sojourn that moment

to exclude any where

save the wear where you are one.

In each other the “kiss”

fills you to eternity’s forever.

How does a romantic kiss feel?

It is felt in every breath

until it is again shared

from the heart of you

to the one you love.

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