What do you say when you are missing someone? I MISS YOU

You know I know, and where I am is with you, even if for a second I must wear this reflection of your love to pure alone. My nights and days course around the air I still as you breathe. I am lost in you, and then I remember to breathe, and my heart saturates to a dull as I shake to tear the want convulsing to beat my heart silence a support of together. I know your love as in it I am lost waiting. Waiting for the morning rise where I can be by you to sip the morning awake. I know how this sounds as in the stay of what was given alludes until again the moment of forever’s grace, but there are moments in what we share as true where my lips still dry to a lick of thought moist, and I see you. With my eyes closed I have you on the sill of each dream alive until one day. One day my hand in yours. Be it in the motion upon the rest of life a sheet. I will turn to cover you gently with soft. I breathe with you darling away but living you together.

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