What makes a relationship worthwhile?

It is about the extension of yourself you give in the heart of others that reflects the love possessed.

It is your herald to those you see, and don’t see, that reflects in their eyes the message of what you have fulfilled in them.

In a way that escapes the here, the moment shifts the parallels of time and space to disperse your being into the essence who you gave your heart to.

This is when the world can see your heart beating inside of another.

The greater the sensitivity, if you observe into the void of life, you will see that which you have is because of what is seen in you.

It is the heart of the love given.

This is where true love can be seen wherever you are.

It is in the heart of the one you are meant to hold.

You wake and sleep this love.

What makes a relationship worthwhile?

It is in the heart that is given.

It is in you.

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