I think I’m in love, but is she “the one”?


The light was there until the bridge you saw no more.

How did you close it off through the tears that were not rain?

You scowl as I fall again with the smile of redone trials from stupidities wear.

You look for a reason to drown what your heart calls to see,

and like a wind that has no tail I am caught where you wished and yet only then did my eyes open…

It was you and yes I knew in there was the one raised to stamp as broken.

Did I wish to you my want as forever I anchored to quiet your nights in my arms?

Love unknown touched the center of my heart to speak,

but when it came upon me I stayed as unpredictable.

The warm of you fell to me as the bridge became our night,

but I failed in not hearing.

I heard again and yes,

but circumstances misunderstood,

as I saw you cry hone the pain I did not brave.

So I wished upon the light to again my love to you and send to me the sign.

The moment we touched as one is still.

I wish I knew how to talk to you,

but where I hide behind the veil of unseen I become.

I quiet the still as I have the still until the bridge rescinds.

I shadow waiting for you under the balcony to speak to you plain.

The darkness is seen in your light.

If you want to see.

Think of love.

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