What is life without faith?

Whether you believe in an all-powerful deity or not, life is really, what you make of it.

For every believer, there is a different way to go about it. For every unbeliever, the same is true.

This isn’t an answer most people want to hear, but it’s very true that – regardless of your belief system – you ultimately discover what you want for your life, on your own. Be it to be kind to others and donate your time/money. Or to climb Mount Everest or be the best doctor you can be. Or your family and friends – a very popular and successful reason for getting up in the morning.

If you want some suggestions on how to figure it out:

  • Look at your life and figure out what makes you happiest, then do that – perhaps it’s something you can turn into a hobby or career.
  • If there’s someone or something you admire – like lifesavers or your grandmother/father for example – perhaps that’s an avenue you can explore. For the grandmother/father, you could have a conversation with them about how they became the person they are. BUT I would recommend not modelling yourself after them – or anyone else. Just use this to get some inspiration.
  • Don’t have a pet? Adopt one. Or foster some.
  • If you’re the creative type, whip out some designs – whatever your medium is – that you’ve done before and find a common theme in them that you’ve unconsciously followed. Perhaps that’ll help direct you. Or you could just start drawing things – whether you’re good at it or not – around you to get inspiration.
  • Go for more walks (in this current lockdown state – not sure what country you’re from – that won’t necessarily be easy, so perhaps just in your backyard).
  • Make a list of the things you wanted to do when you were a kid and research them to see if any still sparks your interest.
  • Ask people close to you what they like about you.
  • The list goes on…

The important thing I’m trying to point out here is that the sky’s the limit. This may sound harsh but it’s true: you really don’t need to worry about things like faith when it comes to your life. It heavily depends on your personal situation – religions have rules, after all – but I would suggest trying to figure out who you ARE and the things you’d love to be doing, regardless of whether you think they’re achievable.

I wish you all the luck.

Do you wish to meet and have a real relationship again because there’s going to be someone somewhere wanting you? “HORIZON’S FALL AWAKE”

I cry for you my love, not because it is not there, but rather it has fell the night to wear each day I see and breathe the fullness of wishing you.

I cry knowing where the steps afar on the sand to see the horizon shift morning and night to beauty are reflections to how I feel.

I cry in the depth of where our love touched to eternity’s forever and blank stared as I await your kiss.

In my cry my swelling shimmer the crimson slight of night as I see your eyes there above me in the feel of a call to come home.

In the tears shed I remember the words as you last wished me farewell to fill each other still until the mountains fall into the sea a mustard seed of faith.

Long, oh so long…into where the pool of shadows crimson my heart dilated to explode in the hands of you that came to fulfill the air of unheard gentle.

I cry not because of where I am in the vile of the dark trot well blind, but where what I see is only the reef of edged whispers my heart to still.

Do you see the tears you have place into the moment of every thought captive as in the time I wish no more?

My tears of wishing no more are not in the cast as empty veins severed, they run to the place where open arms I hand my love in yours together.

I do not cry because I know where you are my heart shall stay even until the ends of time’s wreath outside in the cold, it is for you unhung to be.

I lay on you with the mixed tears of your heart to rivers we share in eternity held in love my heart to your wish unconditional.

LOOK to the light we share as the horizon’s fall awake calls forward our love together lonely, but never alone as tether’s kiss.

I cry for you my love, not because it is not there, but rather it has fell the night to wear each day I see and breathe the fullness of wishing you.

If you died for your love, is it true love?

In the love you hold in your heart

there is only the moment where

who you are is to them eternal.

It is not death that separates love,

it is the other way around,

it is love that separates death.

You transition from life here to life there,

following intermingled in tether with the soul as one.

The essence of where you belong is in

the place where another completes you.

Can you die for your love?

You always have.

Just as you are always born

to experience that love as who you are.

When you find the love that is meant

for you it is together.

No matter the distance or path that travails,

it is the wrap of eternity one shares

to their love that manifest where to be is.

Seek first your love in everything

and then you will see true love.

It is not in the things here,

it is there within the one who you love

where your life is…

If you died for your love,

is it true love?

Yes, it is

the only love.

Do you believe in true love and if so, do you think you have found it?

Within where you still my heart as found you collapsed all of time into that one moment wherever we touch.

Everything, my surroundings, the walls that keep, even the call to breathe, as in you I become who I am to see eternity.

My breath slows as I feel upon me the want of you close.

In you I found who I remembered as again…you took my life to end.

It was in true love we beseeched the night to day on the wings of forever.

I was in you and you were in me.

I gave you my heart.

You gave yours.

Everything else since has been subject to where my heart is.

That is with you.

Thank you for sharing with me.

Until the moment on you I take to another day, I give you my forever love.

Do you believe in true love and if so, do you think you have found it?

Yes, she is beyond my last breath.

Being a nice person gets you nowhere. Does it lead to uselessness?

  • Haven’t you not been rewarded by being nice to you or to someone? First and foremost you help yourself by being nice to you and those around you. Many people behave badly and taught you to behave like them. Poison you and in return thought you to become rude and unkind. You can get very few people who are nice and kind to anybody even though people’s response were bad and discouraging. You feel bad and irritated if some people respond badly even though you are good and nice to them. You can attract positive things if you are positive, and attract negative things if you are negative. You know the law of gravity and karma. So you do not be influenced and molded by someone’s bad behaviors and affect you to be like them. Only choose the best deeds and acts and dispose the poisoned ones. Unfortunately we are exposed to environment where people are favoured when they behave badly and unruly and they become successful. You know why, the environment we live in now are polluted by corruption, unfair justice and transgressions and immorality. If you are nice, many people regard you as fool and conservative. This thinking makes me bad and frustrated me. But I choose good things over bad ones. Be nice to everything.
  • Being a nice person gets you nowhere. How did you come by that assumption? If you believe that, you are not a nice person because you can’t, seemingly, be a nice person even to yourself. Being a nice person isn’t something you do for others; it is something you do for yourself that rubs off on everyone in your circle of influence. It will lead you to uselessness only if you allow it. Remember, no one can harm you without your permission, and the more helpful you are to yourself and the rest of the world, the more people will be willing to help you. If you truly believe what you said above, you surely need to take a very long, hard look at yourself in a mirror, then give yourself a sharp kick in the backside….
  • Being a nice person will not only get you nowhere but people will have no respect for you. As for uselessness, as long as you are useful people will continue to take advantage of the nice guy, so you wont become useless but you will probably feel it.
  • NO WAY!!! May look like it, but you can look in a mirror with a clear conscience. And, IMHO, karma will come… being nice will NEVER be the same as being useless – NEVER! Keep on keeping on. Your day will come…
  • A false premise. If that nasty jerk asks you to help him move over the weekend, you would come up with any kind of excuse. If that super nice person who has done you many favors asks to help him move and he’s buying lunch and beers (because he is so nice) you most likely say yes.
  • Honestly I am a nice person, but yeah it kinda is useless cause you can’t really go no where with just being nice…

How much do you love your significant other?

I wish to be where my heart stills as I depth the fathoms I wear into the night. You see, it is where you keep into the wake of each new day this feeling that surrounds the mitigate between the air I breathe and the air I see. It is a place where the I of before is now in the one who takes you to the high and the lows of finding the contingent. And when that thought is in who you long to be it is in the one who captivates your heart to no longer the breath as you know each other. I found that in your purity. So you yawn to wake from the place on the soft beauty where in has only one shield to break the dream of every night. Heart’s be given as you fall, and you cannot undress to feel only the wish of deep you have. This is where I wake everyday to be in the heart of your love wherever I am. Yeah, I may muster to the coffee pot and narrowly open to stretch a feel to the morning dawn. In dream I sit watching the rise of a new sun shifting the clouds away to saturate where you took my breath. Do you know what? It is in that breath I gave you many tears also, when my heart said I do and I will. In that moment where I fell is the place I always fall to you…it is in love. So deep that I find there is only placed in the light of where I saw forever in your love. I love you. When you feel the love for your significant other inside consume you to where they are, know there is no greater love than the one you gave your heart to. I think that is how much you should live your significant other in love…it does not stop.

Is love all about sacrifice? Originally Question: Is true love really measured by sacrifice?

I sit on the line side of this world watching the clear yellow of an easy air calm together as my heart into the rise of my love agains to feel a heart shared in soft.

The sacrifice is what in the truth of your heart is given without thought as to the essence of who you see is found in the wish.

The wave of fresh basks on as nature watches where the gift of to be came from the space of to rest.

Its in the before of each moment where your all became a want to the all as complete in your love, so in some this has many lives.

On what was list in the breath I held was you as into love you go to me the light of your pure.

You see, only a piece of what remains that you filled as to remember another day open in the smile of your eyes.

It is there I sacrifice my love to you forever.

In the fields bright I wish to you my heart.

measured and sacrificed.

In have and to hold we share the meaning refreshed as in us is a place of endless.

Do you see my love?

It is in the one of together as I share with you the sidereal held on the morning night.

Waiting tomorrow together the Ariel of my wish consoles to you eternity.

Wishing you always,

safe and in my love,

the held of a kiss to know…

True Love.

We are both in love but we have a complicated relationship. I kept delaying engaging with him fully because I wanted to fix my life ( So that I could give him my all). I can’t share this with him right now. What should I do? I don’t want to lose him.

The marvelous thing where love reigns is in this unspoken truth that, while a barrier reveals, and other miles pass, it is within the heart you share.

It is where time stopped and the capture relived the path of a touch unforgettable.

I would guess he, through his heart’s openness, understands and already has an idea about the complicated relationship you share.

The wear of your heart is inside him.

If in what you gave was what he gave, then know the love you share is beyond time.

In this is the wait he knows also.

The pieces of his heart are yours, and in that parts of where you are is in him.

In this the heart you gave is where his heart fell…

it was in you.

“You wonder what you should do?”

Love him for he is in love with you.

Forever is not a time, but a place you hold in your heart.

“I don’t want to lose him”.

If he gave you forever, know him as his love is within.

When they say faith is blind, that is not in what you see, but in what you move

In other words there is only one answer.

It is in the heart of the mountain.

When two hearts become one no conditions or distance will keep the love they share apart.

He and you believe in each other.

Maybe that is what they mean when they say love will show you the way?

Best wishes.

Why does falling in love hurt so intensely even if the relationship is healthy?

To. My Heart,

Love is the explicit to moments visage where the wish bayed in the ocean of a never end still in the swirl a fall of wanted that only two hearts can share.

My heart fell in you as I gave myself to the waves recluse and in there I experienced the pure as in the auric tears of mist expanded to a heart’s depth the into I became to what is true.

We share the team of one heart arose.

Found in the still of time away the desire to take where we are and fill it with the full of love.

In the relationship of where I see my love in you I veil a beat until my lips touch yours.

Sometimes I lay here and wonder and the air I breathe begins to shudder a place that grows for you.

It is an intense love where all I am is bound to that heart you gave.

And in my hurt to make it right is the wish I gave.

It is to hold you in the ebb of each breath our love.

The fall in love as it fills all is began in the forever of where it stays.

With the smile of my heart,

I Love You………. Stay with me forever.

What do you want her to know that you have never been able to tell her before? “FEELINGS FELT”

Inside where I am is the shadow of light where I fell as I stumble to smile on the groves of tinder boxes a meadow of where I open morning and night to hold you.

I breathe and the tip stops to still the spin and again I fall to wherever you are.

This has happened to me throughout this life, as moments of the still we share as lovers beyond time catch moments where my world stops as I feel you in the lose and I go to you.

While it may not be physical as fresh surface places feed unreal, but in who I spend eternity cored I suffered to keep you from hurt.

Although it may seem we forget and push, I fall to you over and over knowing there, upon the heart we kissed together into time, I long for your forever.

I feel you in me as no other has, and it is there in the timeless moments where your moon engulfs my life, I stopped to breathe eternity as ours.

It is in this love I began and remembered you to still.

Please let my heart your comfort place.