What if you don’t have anyone to share your love with.


I will tell you a story brief, and while this tale may venture here alone, it is based in the still of where what was seen is the advent my heart airs to follow. Yes, until all things again are tight my heart will go on loving the one who it has been given.

In the early stead of remote to a spring bested I closed my eyes to sleep the exhaustion wade the tide shift to drop all things and cross the bondages into the moment gone underneath rays dark to dream.

In no breath I saw love pure as I scented serendipity’s wait my love undressed to tear soft unraveled a loss in my arms secure.

Knowing your love as in the heart of a wait in the mask of forever layers to a moment in time toned to where in the memory of beginnings as destiny unfolds is in your heart the meant trickle of a love together.

So what you breath on a wish to share your heart found mares each morning and each night in the air you breathe. It is in a heart you find your heart.

How you determine this is in allowing what you hold to be the one who is and has always been the tomorrow you taste as you close your eyes.

This is you my love.

It is the intent you commit to understanding the lesson of through it all is an underlying crest you bare in the essence of where you belong.

What if you don’t have anyone to share your heart?

There is such a great depth as you perspective in the do of sharing within to the one who has your heart’s wish.

This, to me, is why you follow your heart.

What is the fruit that is known as heavenly fruit?

The fruit is called Love, and it is both given and received. Heaven on Earth in my thinking limits the gift as many only associate it with how they have been taught. A gift from there to here is what we look for as we taste that which it elicits as the fruit. It is a taste that is deeper, richer, and purer than the physical. Succulent are the vines that carry the truth of heaven / there to the embodiment we register on earth / here. Do you see? Have you heard? I know I paraphrase many teachings of old and twist the meaning to angle the concept, but if you base root the epiphany to who we truly are, I see only one thing? Be it as it may, the greatest gift we bring to share in the feast of humanity is ourselves. We have forgotten what we are? We are that fruit, that gift, that comes and goes to bring together the “feast” of love. Oh, were you looking for a different kind of fruit? Sorry, got off track again from the question. Enjoy your fruit.