What is the fruit that is known as heavenly fruit?

The fruit is called Love, and it is both given and received. Heaven on Earth in my thinking limits the gift as many only associate it with how they have been taught. A gift from there to here is what we look for as we taste that which it elicits as the fruit. It is a taste that is deeper, richer, and purer than the physical. Succulent are the vines that carry the truth of heaven / there to the embodiment we register on earth / here. Do you see? Have you heard? I know I paraphrase many teachings of old and twist the meaning to angle the concept, but if you base root the epiphany to who we truly are, I see only one thing? Be it as it may, the greatest gift we bring to share in the feast of humanity is ourselves. We have forgotten what we are? We are that fruit, that gift, that comes and goes to bring together the “feast” of love. Oh, were you looking for a different kind of fruit? Sorry, got off track again from the question. Enjoy your fruit.

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