What should I do if the one I really love keeps ignoring me?

How far is too far when you are in love? I know it varies for some, but the reason you gave this self to where the someone was is in where your heart read between all breaths to that place where inside of you was, is, and will be, the morning awake to smile in the lips that whisper, “I love you”. So as I see the place of my heart inside the silence given is as how the time unfurls until in your arms I wear the wish you hold. In the light of pure, I relived, I remembered, I came to the heart I placed within as time came to be the once I have always known. Talk, no talk, read the heart you follow for the signs. It is where the circumstances of ignore can talk, but only if you stop to still, stay as my breathe, floral tomorrow’s breathe as love exposed, and in that, my love, know it is the heart in you I give. When you find the love you know know in all things are the in deep where you will always and have always been. Sometimes ignore is just another way to make the moment you exchange into. True love is most often heard in what is felt yet unheard. It is the love of your heart still.

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