Is love all about sacrifice? Originally Question: Is true love really measured by sacrifice?

I sit on the line side of this world watching the clear yellow of an easy air calm together as my heart into the rise of my love agains to feel a heart shared in soft.

The sacrifice is what in the truth of your heart is given without thought as to the essence of who you see is found in the wish.

The wave of fresh basks on as nature watches where the gift of to be came from the space of to rest.

Its in the before of each moment where your all became a want to the all as complete in your love, so in some this has many lives.

On what was list in the breath I held was you as into love you go to me the light of your pure.

You see, only a piece of what remains that you filled as to remember another day open in the smile of your eyes.

It is there I sacrifice my love to you forever.

In the fields bright I wish to you my heart.

measured and sacrificed.

In have and to hold we share the meaning refreshed as in us is a place of endless.

Do you see my love?

It is in the one of together as I share with you the sidereal held on the morning night.

Waiting tomorrow together the Ariel of my wish consoles to you eternity.

Wishing you always,

safe and in my love,

the held of a kiss to know…

True Love.

We are both in love but we have a complicated relationship. I kept delaying engaging with him fully because I wanted to fix my life ( So that I could give him my all). I can’t share this with him right now. What should I do? I don’t want to lose him.

The marvelous thing where love reigns is in this unspoken truth that, while a barrier reveals, and other miles pass, it is within the heart you share.

It is where time stopped and the capture relived the path of a touch unforgettable.

I would guess he, through his heart’s openness, understands and already has an idea about the complicated relationship you share.

The wear of your heart is inside him.

If in what you gave was what he gave, then know the love you share is beyond time.

In this is the wait he knows also.

The pieces of his heart are yours, and in that parts of where you are is in him.

In this the heart you gave is where his heart fell…

it was in you.

“You wonder what you should do?”

Love him for he is in love with you.

Forever is not a time, but a place you hold in your heart.

“I don’t want to lose him”.

If he gave you forever, know him as his love is within.

When they say faith is blind, that is not in what you see, but in what you move

In other words there is only one answer.

It is in the heart of the mountain.

When two hearts become one no conditions or distance will keep the love they share apart.

He and you believe in each other.

Maybe that is what they mean when they say love will show you the way?

Best wishes.

Why does falling in love hurt so intensely even if the relationship is healthy?

To. My Heart,

Love is the explicit to moments visage where the wish bayed in the ocean of a never end still in the swirl a fall of wanted that only two hearts can share.

My heart fell in you as I gave myself to the waves recluse and in there I experienced the pure as in the auric tears of mist expanded to a heart’s depth the into I became to what is true.

We share the team of one heart arose.

Found in the still of time away the desire to take where we are and fill it with the full of love.

In the relationship of where I see my love in you I veil a beat until my lips touch yours.

Sometimes I lay here and wonder and the air I breathe begins to shudder a place that grows for you.

It is an intense love where all I am is bound to that heart you gave.

And in my hurt to make it right is the wish I gave.

It is to hold you in the ebb of each breath our love.

The fall in love as it fills all is began in the forever of where it stays.

With the smile of my heart,

I Love You………. Stay with me forever.

What do you want her to know that you have never been able to tell her before? “FEELINGS FELT”

Inside where I am is the shadow of light where I fell as I stumble to smile on the groves of tinder boxes a meadow of where I open morning and night to hold you.

I breathe and the tip stops to still the spin and again I fall to wherever you are.

This has happened to me throughout this life, as moments of the still we share as lovers beyond time catch moments where my world stops as I feel you in the lose and I go to you.

While it may not be physical as fresh surface places feed unreal, but in who I spend eternity cored I suffered to keep you from hurt.

Although it may seem we forget and push, I fall to you over and over knowing there, upon the heart we kissed together into time, I long for your forever.

I feel you in me as no other has, and it is there in the timeless moments where your moon engulfs my life, I stopped to breathe eternity as ours.

It is in this love I began and remembered you to still.

Please let my heart your comfort place.

What is the possibility of finding true love?

Where, How, can I find my true love…?

It is not where you think as much as in where you see?

In wishing what is true, forging into where by sight you cannot, one allows to the pure of essence to fill what has alluded you thus far.

To be filled by an unair where the breath of the heart within the still of covet opens to flower within the peace that is without understanding forwards to all that is.

No matter where you are the heart that longs your together will always be your true love.

Everywhere you lay your head

Open your night from a treasure of touch to skin.

As your gaze covers the horizon’s East to West in the rays of a begin no breath.

When you see this love it will carry your wake and sleep to the remember of such escape the all of you is lived within the one you love.

Moments up and down erase and you furrow to plane as your hands hold each other to smile

It is born in that kiss of beyond on you you see forever.