Is love all about sacrifice? Originally Question: Is true love really measured by sacrifice?

I sit on the line side of this world watching the clear yellow of an easy air calm together as my heart into the rise of my love agains to feel a heart shared in soft.

The sacrifice is what in the truth of your heart is given without thought as to the essence of who you see is found in the wish.

The wave of fresh basks on as nature watches where the gift of to be came from the space of to rest.

Its in the before of each moment where your all became a want to the all as complete in your love, so in some this has many lives.

On what was list in the breath I held was you as into love you go to me the light of your pure.

You see, only a piece of what remains that you filled as to remember another day open in the smile of your eyes.

It is there I sacrifice my love to you forever.

In the fields bright I wish to you my heart.

measured and sacrificed.

In have and to hold we share the meaning refreshed as in us is a place of endless.

Do you see my love?

It is in the one of together as I share with you the sidereal held on the morning night.

Waiting tomorrow together the Ariel of my wish consoles to you eternity.

Wishing you always,

safe and in my love,

the held of a kiss to know…

True Love.

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