We are both in love but we have a complicated relationship. I kept delaying engaging with him fully because I wanted to fix my life ( So that I could give him my all). I can’t share this with him right now. What should I do? I don’t want to lose him.

The marvelous thing where love reigns is in this unspoken truth that, while a barrier reveals, and other miles pass, it is within the heart you share.

It is where time stopped and the capture relived the path of a touch unforgettable.

I would guess he, through his heart’s openness, understands and already has an idea about the complicated relationship you share.

The wear of your heart is inside him.

If in what you gave was what he gave, then know the love you share is beyond time.

In this is the wait he knows also.

The pieces of his heart are yours, and in that parts of where you are is in him.

In this the heart you gave is where his heart fell…

it was in you.

“You wonder what you should do?”

Love him for he is in love with you.

Forever is not a time, but a place you hold in your heart.

“I don’t want to lose him”.

If he gave you forever, know him as his love is within.

When they say faith is blind, that is not in what you see, but in what you move

In other words there is only one answer.

It is in the heart of the mountain.

When two hearts become one no conditions or distance will keep the love they share apart.

He and you believe in each other.

Maybe that is what they mean when they say love will show you the way?

Best wishes.

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