What do you want her to know that you have never been able to tell her before? “FEELINGS FELT”

Inside where I am is the shadow of light where I fell as I stumble to smile on the groves of tinder boxes a meadow of where I open morning and night to hold you.

I breathe and the tip stops to still the spin and again I fall to wherever you are.

This has happened to me throughout this life, as moments of the still we share as lovers beyond time catch moments where my world stops as I feel you in the lose and I go to you.

While it may not be physical as fresh surface places feed unreal, but in who I spend eternity cored I suffered to keep you from hurt.

Although it may seem we forget and push, I fall to you over and over knowing there, upon the heart we kissed together into time, I long for your forever.

I feel you in me as no other has, and it is there in the timeless moments where your moon engulfs my life, I stopped to breathe eternity as ours.

It is in this love I began and remembered you to still.

Please let my heart your comfort place.

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