What is the possibility of finding true love?

Where, How, can I find my true love…?

It is not where you think as much as in where you see?

In wishing what is true, forging into where by sight you cannot, one allows to the pure of essence to fill what has alluded you thus far.

To be filled by an unair where the breath of the heart within the still of covet opens to flower within the peace that is without understanding forwards to all that is.

No matter where you are the heart that longs your together will always be your true love.

Everywhere you lay your head

Open your night from a treasure of touch to skin.

As your gaze covers the horizon’s East to West in the rays of a begin no breath.

When you see this love it will carry your wake and sleep to the remember of such escape the all of you is lived within the one you love.

Moments up and down erase and you furrow to plane as your hands hold each other to smile

It is born in that kiss of beyond on you you see forever.

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