Why does falling in love hurt so intensely even if the relationship is healthy?

To. My Heart,

Love is the explicit to moments visage where the wish bayed in the ocean of a never end still in the swirl a fall of wanted that only two hearts can share.

My heart fell in you as I gave myself to the waves recluse and in there I experienced the pure as in the auric tears of mist expanded to a heart’s depth the into I became to what is true.

We share the team of one heart arose.

Found in the still of time away the desire to take where we are and fill it with the full of love.

In the relationship of where I see my love in you I veil a beat until my lips touch yours.

Sometimes I lay here and wonder and the air I breathe begins to shudder a place that grows for you.

It is an intense love where all I am is bound to that heart you gave.

And in my hurt to make it right is the wish I gave.

It is to hold you in the ebb of each breath our love.

The fall in love as it fills all is began in the forever of where it stays.

With the smile of my heart,

I Love You………. Stay with me forever.

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