Being a nice person gets you nowhere. Does it lead to uselessness?

  • Haven’t you not been rewarded by being nice to you or to someone? First and foremost you help yourself by being nice to you and those around you. Many people behave badly and taught you to behave like them. Poison you and in return thought you to become rude and unkind. You can get very few people who are nice and kind to anybody even though people’s response were bad and discouraging. You feel bad and irritated if some people respond badly even though you are good and nice to them. You can attract positive things if you are positive, and attract negative things if you are negative. You know the law of gravity and karma. So you do not be influenced and molded by someone’s bad behaviors and affect you to be like them. Only choose the best deeds and acts and dispose the poisoned ones. Unfortunately we are exposed to environment where people are favoured when they behave badly and unruly and they become successful. You know why, the environment we live in now are polluted by corruption, unfair justice and transgressions and immorality. If you are nice, many people regard you as fool and conservative. This thinking makes me bad and frustrated me. But I choose good things over bad ones. Be nice to everything.
  • Being a nice person gets you nowhere. How did you come by that assumption? If you believe that, you are not a nice person because you can’t, seemingly, be a nice person even to yourself. Being a nice person isn’t something you do for others; it is something you do for yourself that rubs off on everyone in your circle of influence. It will lead you to uselessness only if you allow it. Remember, no one can harm you without your permission, and the more helpful you are to yourself and the rest of the world, the more people will be willing to help you. If you truly believe what you said above, you surely need to take a very long, hard look at yourself in a mirror, then give yourself a sharp kick in the backside….
  • Being a nice person will not only get you nowhere but people will have no respect for you. As for uselessness, as long as you are useful people will continue to take advantage of the nice guy, so you wont become useless but you will probably feel it.
  • NO WAY!!! May look like it, but you can look in a mirror with a clear conscience. And, IMHO, karma will come… being nice will NEVER be the same as being useless – NEVER! Keep on keeping on. Your day will come…
  • A false premise. If that nasty jerk asks you to help him move over the weekend, you would come up with any kind of excuse. If that super nice person who has done you many favors asks to help him move and he’s buying lunch and beers (because he is so nice) you most likely say yes.
  • Honestly I am a nice person, but yeah it kinda is useless cause you can’t really go no where with just being nice…

How much do you love your significant other?

I wish to be where my heart stills as I depth the fathoms I wear into the night. You see, it is where you keep into the wake of each new day this feeling that surrounds the mitigate between the air I breathe and the air I see. It is a place where the I of before is now in the one who takes you to the high and the lows of finding the contingent. And when that thought is in who you long to be it is in the one who captivates your heart to no longer the breath as you know each other. I found that in your purity. So you yawn to wake from the place on the soft beauty where in has only one shield to break the dream of every night. Heart’s be given as you fall, and you cannot undress to feel only the wish of deep you have. This is where I wake everyday to be in the heart of your love wherever I am. Yeah, I may muster to the coffee pot and narrowly open to stretch a feel to the morning dawn. In dream I sit watching the rise of a new sun shifting the clouds away to saturate where you took my breath. Do you know what? It is in that breath I gave you many tears also, when my heart said I do and I will. In that moment where I fell is the place I always fall to you…it is in love. So deep that I find there is only placed in the light of where I saw forever in your love. I love you. When you feel the love for your significant other inside consume you to where they are, know there is no greater love than the one you gave your heart to. I think that is how much you should live your significant other in love…it does not stop.