If you died for your love, is it true love?

In the love you hold in your heart

there is only the moment where

who you are is to them eternal.

It is not death that separates love,

it is the other way around,

it is love that separates death.

You transition from life here to life there,

following intermingled in tether with the soul as one.

The essence of where you belong is in

the place where another completes you.

Can you die for your love?

You always have.

Just as you are always born

to experience that love as who you are.

When you find the love that is meant

for you it is together.

No matter the distance or path that travails,

it is the wrap of eternity one shares

to their love that manifest where to be is.

Seek first your love in everything

and then you will see true love.

It is not in the things here,

it is there within the one who you love

where your life is…

If you died for your love,

is it true love?

Yes, it is

the only love.

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