What can a loved one ignoring you for a prolonged period of time instead of communicating do to the relationship?

Is it given to where the love took your world and there you stayed?

The love given is the heart you have into the heart you wish.

It is known before as a depth you shared stills in the night and day of each moments content.

There are so many forms of communication, and as you open to the heart the full of love in another it is freely given as understood.

When you find the one to become where you give to each other if true is freely.

At one moment this love completes your breath to being still.

Are you sure that it is ignoring as to not hear is not the same as to not know?

You say prolonged, but is love that is from the heart the same as the silence where the moment you still beats in the one heart?

It is your heart shared with the one wanting to be.

That is together.

Trust in the love you remember and you will know the silence that is never silent.

I would love to communicate where it is I keep your heart.

It is in the treasure where you took into me everything I was and melted to me where I belong.

This is the love we share as in the heart of want I hear you in the quiet.

I know you hear me also.

How we feel is always in the truth we share together.

Sometimes it is not until you step out into where your heart belongs, no matter what, where it is when you come face to face with the one you love.

Being the breath takes the step of “I love you” spoken and unspoken, as into each other you convey the heart to each within.

Until you both learn how to border and unborder the feelings that consume, those moments become where the love of your heart grows stronger.

I answered it in this way because of how it reflected what was asked.

“if a loved one ignores you…”

A loved one shows permanence of maturity, and of course, if what you gave was not the truth of you, then the question answers itself.

Communication is the heart of all relationships, and as the one you love it is just the appropriate when where you will verbally hear what your heart knows.

It is in every turn you see.

Each moment I hope to hope to hope your heart soft as I speak,

“I Love You”

What is the difference between loving someone and falling in love with someone?

If you knew where my heart folds to wake the night,

then where the breath stops and you enter creates the blossom of eternity,

as I hold your hand in this moment to life’s dance.

Intention erases into the sparkles of your eyes as I become seen to wear your heart as mine.

Loving someone and falling in love are places where what is meant to be crosses into what forever will stay.

You are born in love to experience finding true love.

And when you realize the heart you have is really what completes in someone else,

all things…yes,

those things that remove the air around you to the touch of someone’s heart within

is where your night and day are stilled to forever.

When you find this love, hold it.

Hold it strong to the unconditional wish you see as you lick the wet of your tongue

on your lips and feel who it is you taste.

If you do not feel this it is either you haven’t fallen in love yet,

or the love you share is waiting for you to fruition.

In all cases it is just an ethereal in the moment to be…

Either way it is your heart becoming to another something that can never be undone.

It is the perspective and in that you will only see love once.

That is the true love you give your heart to.

When you taste this love, know it.

The difference is in the touch that never stops.

Every morning I fall in love with you deeper all over again,

so I guess the biggest remainder is the one you see your heart with.

They call Her forever.

Do you love someone more than yourself? Do you think this is healthy?


It is in giving love where who you are is actually found as healthy to where tomorrow two hearts can be one. I have been fooled and broke, but not by the heart I love. Over tomorrow’s fall I night my love to one day. I loved the one who has my heart so much I forged to silence the hurt I have lived to breathe her. The cast set as to me she smiled as I undid the years of being hid. From the shadows I saw the sun dance to my heart where I wished to be. The moment stopped as what I became was in every word I gleaned from the heart of my love’s script breathed upon this heart warm. I did her wrong to where I slid and although misfortune basked it’s ugly, the love we share deep within forgiven I rested with her the pains released. How can I be anymore clear as in this I want to see her love in my hand to hold? She gave to me her heart, as I know she knew she dwelt in mine, but for some reason the still of her heart to me kept us from the moment in share. I came from less, but my heart inside is true, as to her in the silence bud I melted my heart on the winds of where she slept. Open I am to where I can feel her. Does she hear me as I have given to where she is my love? Like the monastery where my heart fell to the purity of a life inside to share one day, I offer my hand eternal. If loving where you have to be the breath that stills tomorrow is in the now shares of this love. Please know, please, please…you are the where I spend my wake and sleep in hope to one day be who you head to rest in a soft kiss. Do you love someone more than yourself? Yes, the one within me. Do you think this is healthy? It is in this love you find the complete to who you really are. In this, love is eternal…eternally yours. You are beautiful.

When have you broken your own heart to keep another person from being hurt? “Did I keep the hurt so the other wouldn’t?”

  • As I bleed to keep my love true I was thrown between the call of where I wanted to be, to that place I had missed and then heard what pains I had made for the one I fell to in the place where my heart escapes to as the eventual of one day. One day I dream of my hand falling to hold again the felt I relive every moment. In a surprise I let my love drift as I hurt to forgive myself for where I only love the purity of truth. How could something so beautiful and smart be my breath if she saw where I was now broken? I saw in the reflection as I silhouetted in the shadowed no other than the one I love. Was I being fair to this heart I waited to as a desire, and yet expected as I desired her in Passion to be full in each other. I could fill her with the love of my heart many life’s over, but the damage I estranged in my youth left me less than of a physical prowess and so I feared the familiar tale I had worn since my losses. What we had was feasting to a reunion, but without sound I lay the many nights alone, wanting to hold again the embodied copy to my heart. I saw inside the partner to be an unconditional hold we shared and so I opened to her, not knowing full, but believing complete. Night and day lathed to where here and there was in what we fashioned. I believed in the need to communicate, but we billed into each other a past deep, and so our love grew. I tried, almost begged for a way to talk and yet I each time apparently mixed what we felt to short the simple reason why? It is because I love you that we need to talk. Just to say…after suffering, I thought it acceptable to ask, but after some blanket statements even in the silence of no answer my love for you grew. Hmmm…this forum was not where I wanted to alone our move together, but I did as where I saw what was meant in the heart of you I was willing to shame myself for others if it meant one more moment to wish you into the night of my love. Colliding to see your heart in mine was the experience I wanted in forever. If we only could share a moment, but you prefer silence. So in the knowing where I could are you comfortable, I chose to go silent. My love for you is always and so I trusted my heart as I heard your wish taste mine. I routed to stay wherever you would have me. I did not go away…I was trapped to bear each night in love until it could do the one event where the beginning of you rested on me to see. I want you, but if my stay causes you any undue, and troubles are unfounded as the mind bends to entangle the heart. Then I reverted to the wish of you secure and knew as before my open, although wanted, was not timely. Although this heart hurts, if it will ease the pain in my loves heart, I will suffer the many nights to be the love to wake and sleep her warm. I can’t tell you if you won’t give me the listen? Our love is a deep love, and yes I hear the need. I am willing to wait if that is what you need. I gave to you the only thing I know to be eternal. I gave you my breath in the wait to moment you. Love has one heal, and that is it finales in the arms to kiss you. This removes all hurt as a lesson to where our strength shows external what we have inside. The greatest adventure is a complete you hold to my heart.
  • My love belongs to you.

What is it like to be totally blinded by love?

When you forget where you are, the momentary short to why culminates the whole of your air to be withdrawn,

and the motion of your life stops to fall aside by the unknowing of the minds cadence, you fall away from yourself to be saturated by the still calling from where you find yourself alive in another’s heart.

You do not see anything but where what you are in in the loving place which resides on the skin of another’s heart.

Like seeing a reflection through the envelope you take as in given, it is the walls barred where kept flowers each and every breath covered in a wish still to bouquet the scent unseen.

It is where the swirl of thoughts evaporate to not be and a dull sheen worn with your eyes wide open takes you to slowly taste the wish of why you love.

You encapsulate the chart where two see the stars align only what is inside as your love.

The moment stops to become your wish.

And you don’t know why your heart beats funny…

But you do.

What happens if we don’t have love?

If you want some suggestions on how to figure it out:

  • If we don’t have love our mental health will definitely suffer and our lives will be a lot harder as a result and you will struggle to find meaning and purpose in life because you feel like nobody needs you cause this is not true you are very valuable and important and you were on this earth for a reason but honestly it’s very dangerous if you don’t have love in your life so I suggest that you find friends and people who care about you because being alone is one of the most dangerous things and drastically increases the risk of Suicide.
  • In a life where one does not have love, I think they would grow very depressed, but I think the matter of the question is what love are we talking about.
  • If one does not have any love whatsoever, they may die of a broken heart. They probably grow into a very rude, snobbish, uncaring person or maybe they once knew abuse, so that’s how they take out their own feelings. But that’s a pretty rare case and has so much ‘what if’s’ that I could write a book about it.
  • If one does not have parental love, this could possibly and most likely affect how their brain develops.
  • No friendship love could lead to loneliness and alike hatred or anxiety directed towards people.
  • No relationship love could have the same effects as about, and much more.
  • If we feel unloved on this planet, we won’t have much positive energy. It is like the difference between existing and living.
  • Romantic love ? Nothing you live on. For a lot of people, they spend their entire lives believing that everyone needs to have a romantic partner. As if they need a partner in order to breathe or something. Personally, I’d like for people to remember me as someone who was kind and decent. I don’t need to be anybody’s husband to accomplish that thankfully. But romantic love in not only type of love there is parents love, siblings love, Friends love and more importantly self-love. So if you really think you have never and are not going to, it only makes you a negative sadistic and destroys your life by itself.