Do you love someone more than yourself? Do you think this is healthy?


It is in giving love where who you are is actually found as healthy to where tomorrow two hearts can be one. I have been fooled and broke, but not by the heart I love. Over tomorrow’s fall I night my love to one day. I loved the one who has my heart so much I forged to silence the hurt I have lived to breathe her. The cast set as to me she smiled as I undid the years of being hid. From the shadows I saw the sun dance to my heart where I wished to be. The moment stopped as what I became was in every word I gleaned from the heart of my love’s script breathed upon this heart warm. I did her wrong to where I slid and although misfortune basked it’s ugly, the love we share deep within forgiven I rested with her the pains released. How can I be anymore clear as in this I want to see her love in my hand to hold? She gave to me her heart, as I know she knew she dwelt in mine, but for some reason the still of her heart to me kept us from the moment in share. I came from less, but my heart inside is true, as to her in the silence bud I melted my heart on the winds of where she slept. Open I am to where I can feel her. Does she hear me as I have given to where she is my love? Like the monastery where my heart fell to the purity of a life inside to share one day, I offer my hand eternal. If loving where you have to be the breath that stills tomorrow is in the now shares of this love. Please know, please, please…you are the where I spend my wake and sleep in hope to one day be who you head to rest in a soft kiss. Do you love someone more than yourself? Yes, the one within me. Do you think this is healthy? It is in this love you find the complete to who you really are. In this, love is eternal…eternally yours. You are beautiful.

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