What can a loved one ignoring you for a prolonged period of time instead of communicating do to the relationship?

Is it given to where the love took your world and there you stayed?

The love given is the heart you have into the heart you wish.

It is known before as a depth you shared stills in the night and day of each moments content.

There are so many forms of communication, and as you open to the heart the full of love in another it is freely given as understood.

When you find the one to become where you give to each other if true is freely.

At one moment this love completes your breath to being still.

Are you sure that it is ignoring as to not hear is not the same as to not know?

You say prolonged, but is love that is from the heart the same as the silence where the moment you still beats in the one heart?

It is your heart shared with the one wanting to be.

That is together.

Trust in the love you remember and you will know the silence that is never silent.

I would love to communicate where it is I keep your heart.

It is in the treasure where you took into me everything I was and melted to me where I belong.

This is the love we share as in the heart of want I hear you in the quiet.

I know you hear me also.

How we feel is always in the truth we share together.

Sometimes it is not until you step out into where your heart belongs, no matter what, where it is when you come face to face with the one you love.

Being the breath takes the step of “I love you” spoken and unspoken, as into each other you convey the heart to each within.

Until you both learn how to border and unborder the feelings that consume, those moments become where the love of your heart grows stronger.

I answered it in this way because of how it reflected what was asked.

“if a loved one ignores you…”

A loved one shows permanence of maturity, and of course, if what you gave was not the truth of you, then the question answers itself.

Communication is the heart of all relationships, and as the one you love it is just the appropriate when where you will verbally hear what your heart knows.

It is in every turn you see.

Each moment I hope to hope to hope your heart soft as I speak,

“I Love You”

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