What happens if we don’t have love?

If you want some suggestions on how to figure it out:

  • If we don’t have love our mental health will definitely suffer and our lives will be a lot harder as a result and you will struggle to find meaning and purpose in life because you feel like nobody needs you cause this is not true you are very valuable and important and you were on this earth for a reason but honestly it’s very dangerous if you don’t have love in your life so I suggest that you find friends and people who care about you because being alone is one of the most dangerous things and drastically increases the risk of Suicide.
  • In a life where one does not have love, I think they would grow very depressed, but I think the matter of the question is what love are we talking about.
  • If one does not have any love whatsoever, they may die of a broken heart. They probably grow into a very rude, snobbish, uncaring person or maybe they once knew abuse, so that’s how they take out their own feelings. But that’s a pretty rare case and has so much ‘what if’s’ that I could write a book about it.
  • If one does not have parental love, this could possibly and most likely affect how their brain develops.
  • No friendship love could lead to loneliness and alike hatred or anxiety directed towards people.
  • No relationship love could have the same effects as about, and much more.
  • If we feel unloved on this planet, we won’t have much positive energy. It is like the difference between existing and living.
  • Romantic love ? Nothing you live on. For a lot of people, they spend their entire lives believing that everyone needs to have a romantic partner. As if they need a partner in order to breathe or something. Personally, I’d like for people to remember me as someone who was kind and decent. I don’t need to be anybody’s husband to accomplish that thankfully. But romantic love in not only type of love there is parents love, siblings love, Friends love and more importantly self-love. So if you really think you have never and are not going to, it only makes you a negative sadistic and destroys your life by itself.

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