What is it like to be totally blinded by love?

When you forget where you are, the momentary short to why culminates the whole of your air to be withdrawn,

and the motion of your life stops to fall aside by the unknowing of the minds cadence, you fall away from yourself to be saturated by the still calling from where you find yourself alive in another’s heart.

You do not see anything but where what you are in in the loving place which resides on the skin of another’s heart.

Like seeing a reflection through the envelope you take as in given, it is the walls barred where kept flowers each and every breath covered in a wish still to bouquet the scent unseen.

It is where the swirl of thoughts evaporate to not be and a dull sheen worn with your eyes wide open takes you to slowly taste the wish of why you love.

You encapsulate the chart where two see the stars align only what is inside as your love.

The moment stops to become your wish.

And you don’t know why your heart beats funny…

But you do.

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