What is the difference between loving someone and falling in love with someone?

If you knew where my heart folds to wake the night,

then where the breath stops and you enter creates the blossom of eternity,

as I hold your hand in this moment to life’s dance.

Intention erases into the sparkles of your eyes as I become seen to wear your heart as mine.

Loving someone and falling in love are places where what is meant to be crosses into what forever will stay.

You are born in love to experience finding true love.

And when you realize the heart you have is really what completes in someone else,

all things…yes,

those things that remove the air around you to the touch of someone’s heart within

is where your night and day are stilled to forever.

When you find this love, hold it.

Hold it strong to the unconditional wish you see as you lick the wet of your tongue

on your lips and feel who it is you taste.

If you do not feel this it is either you haven’t fallen in love yet,

or the love you share is waiting for you to fruition.

In all cases it is just an ethereal in the moment to be…

Either way it is your heart becoming to another something that can never be undone.

It is the perspective and in that you will only see love once.

That is the true love you give your heart to.

When you taste this love, know it.

The difference is in the touch that never stops.

Every morning I fall in love with you deeper all over again,

so I guess the biggest remainder is the one you see your heart with.

They call Her forever.

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