When have you broken your own heart to keep another person from being hurt? “Did I keep the hurt so the other wouldn’t?”

  • As I bleed to keep my love true I was thrown between the call of where I wanted to be, to that place I had missed and then heard what pains I had made for the one I fell to in the place where my heart escapes to as the eventual of one day. One day I dream of my hand falling to hold again the felt I relive every moment. In a surprise I let my love drift as I hurt to forgive myself for where I only love the purity of truth. How could something so beautiful and smart be my breath if she saw where I was now broken? I saw in the reflection as I silhouetted in the shadowed no other than the one I love. Was I being fair to this heart I waited to as a desire, and yet expected as I desired her in Passion to be full in each other. I could fill her with the love of my heart many life’s over, but the damage I estranged in my youth left me less than of a physical prowess and so I feared the familiar tale I had worn since my losses. What we had was feasting to a reunion, but without sound I lay the many nights alone, wanting to hold again the embodied copy to my heart. I saw inside the partner to be an unconditional hold we shared and so I opened to her, not knowing full, but believing complete. Night and day lathed to where here and there was in what we fashioned. I believed in the need to communicate, but we billed into each other a past deep, and so our love grew. I tried, almost begged for a way to talk and yet I each time apparently mixed what we felt to short the simple reason why? It is because I love you that we need to talk. Just to say…after suffering, I thought it acceptable to ask, but after some blanket statements even in the silence of no answer my love for you grew. Hmmm…this forum was not where I wanted to alone our move together, but I did as where I saw what was meant in the heart of you I was willing to shame myself for others if it meant one more moment to wish you into the night of my love. Colliding to see your heart in mine was the experience I wanted in forever. If we only could share a moment, but you prefer silence. So in the knowing where I could are you comfortable, I chose to go silent. My love for you is always and so I trusted my heart as I heard your wish taste mine. I routed to stay wherever you would have me. I did not go away…I was trapped to bear each night in love until it could do the one event where the beginning of you rested on me to see. I want you, but if my stay causes you any undue, and troubles are unfounded as the mind bends to entangle the heart. Then I reverted to the wish of you secure and knew as before my open, although wanted, was not timely. Although this heart hurts, if it will ease the pain in my loves heart, I will suffer the many nights to be the love to wake and sleep her warm. I can’t tell you if you won’t give me the listen? Our love is a deep love, and yes I hear the need. I am willing to wait if that is what you need. I gave to you the only thing I know to be eternal. I gave you my breath in the wait to moment you. Love has one heal, and that is it finales in the arms to kiss you. This removes all hurt as a lesson to where our strength shows external what we have inside. The greatest adventure is a complete you hold to my heart.
  • My love belongs to you.

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