Can you see love?


On every moment I am here my heart is there, for where is home? I sleep and whence the wish so alive you form to a silent kiss on top to still my breath as I cosset to bring to you my heart. The silence stops in where I have had and I find the wind remembers your touching hands on my cheeks soft to my arms tight around you. I feel the graze of your lips on mine. Do you feel the want of everything I am holding still my love on you the wish? Longing to kiss you I tremble the taste again I want. It is to wear your love. Caressed to still on the rest of where we stay the night. It is our rest we bed the moments alive on a pull of you tight to me. Your skin to mine, my touch in you. The air between our love wishing each other stills the where until I and you hold together each other tight. Be still my heart and know, in the wake of where your heart tenders to open forever is found in you the one I spend to their the halls of eternity. If you can only see the one thing offered in this, let it be the kiss from my heart to yours. I wish to have the heights awake by the still of your heart. And to you my heart bequeathed in the rising of every morning’s pier. Until the sea releases me, the moon of the reflection is stilled in who I am. It is in the quest for your love


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