The words of love will continue, what are its actions?

Here and there, as the night shifts the floral seen colors to be exhumed in the write of each other’s heart, the breath stops to consume me in the pastel stream up and over the horizon as to weigh my heart’s wish. Over to sea Upon the sill tears fall in once upon to again. Do you see the hand outstretched to hold the moment where gave was forever? The shadow pure cast as the dance turned embrace to merry as around the whimsical twirl to see seamed one upon the other for an other day warm. Did you hear your still open as your heart spoke? As one we turned to free, but the call open we buried and wherever in gone is now lost in the heart that is yours. In this love is it the mountain that must fall into the sea? In what was given as swallowed to be, the hearts took to each other tight. It is that love that will open to reveal in the right time the where of who you hold as in the love never dies. Oh still of forever to stay, silence be undone, the love is still night to day my breath. Softly I fell to wait the time where it is the actions of we together to kiss again the dream of where we touch to feel with the only words as we wake to morning each other a smile inside. I see the heart of you in your eyes to pillow the tasks together as we walk our lives as one. To have and to hold meet to know and be still as wherever you are I am. The love is in together wherever you are… next to each other. Distance is where you are, not where you are not. To go to where your heart is is the only action of love ❤️ that is with you.

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