What are some examples of pure and innocent love?


When where you breathe the wish of your heart in another is the same see,

you fall into the open a hand held together by how you enter to wear each other as to a consumed still caught.

Between the inhale and exhale, in and out emit a base of inner light your love tingles to where your I beats the drawn as seen in the morning turn to find your love.

Do you look to be on the winds to clear the arc in between us?

To take muse everywhere felt and hold still in the everyday morning night to dream?

It was not just a wish given by old, but the truth before I became we to you on my side the live of my heart the true.

We shared the same love.

The once upon a lifetime adventures in the stop of each night I find in you my rest.

You looked and to me I became…I found in you the pure of a reason to still again the beginning of where forever wore to me the taste I cannot stop.

In your innocence I became the light.

I saw to Star lit by the moments night until you wear the wish I have to sleep your morning awake.

It is in you I sleep.

It is in you I see.

Softly I open my hand for you to take as together.

Now rest my love to be…

Gently feat your heart on mine.

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