What makes a man fall in love with a woman? “I will answer this question from a woman’s perspective. ” Season 2

I mean to say what a woman thinks can make a man fall for her. Certainly, men-women falling for each other is a natural instinct. But, when it comes to the point of what makes a man fall in love with a woman, the touchstones are as follows:

How she looks and makes herself presentable in different occasions at different times of the day in different outfits
Her intelligence that glows in her eyes and makes her different from the rest of the world
How she at the same time be tender and rough, whatsoever and whenever required
Her emotional and spiritual maturity
The way she covers up her silly mistakes as if nothing went wrong
A smile both from eyes and lips that literally kills
How she loves her obsessions: food, music, fashion and more
How she can gel with all people and earn their love
Her “being girly” attitude
Her dedication towards her passion
Her ambition, success and uniqueness
Her openness to learn new, accept unknown
Her time management skills considering every priority
Her spontaneity and adaptability
How she surprises you and makes you feel special
How she gives you a family feel when you are far away from them
How she flirts with you every day
How she talks bad and perverted in a language in front of all, but still none understand other than you both
Her smell that seduces you
An invisible bond that drags you closer and closer to her
Her occasional madness and idiosyncrasy
Her adventures and feel for thrill
The way she talks proving herself to be the best of the best
How she values you even though she is self sufficient
Her end-to-end sexuality, be it in dress, looks, words, glances, hair and more
How she complements you in every field
How you can depend upon her with full faith and trust
How she knows everything that you can think of
How she perfectly reads your mind
How she fights with you everyday and still gets back
How she pretends to be a kid in front of you
Her indifferent attitude towards your money
Her courage to be a rebel and still be proud of it

and more
Now, of course, these are some items on in a man’s checklist. But, since love is the biggest accident, a man can fall in love for many more things… Who can say… A man can even fall for a woman for her arrogance, rudeness, attitude and more…

I really don’t know whether readers will agree with me or not. I just shared what I think considering myself to be the woman…

To sum up, every man falls for that woman who has an amazing personality in his eyes and is all and all his own…

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