What do you say to an employee who is always late?

  • The answer is very simple.

If you want that specific employee to stay in your organizatio then try this rules.


2.frequently call him/her with name

3.make your employee feel important and sincerely do it.

4.let the other person do great deal of talking.

  1. Be a good listener
  2. Sincerely appreciate his/her reasons.

7.Talk in terms of his/her interest.

Not here is one situation.

Let’s think your employee name is Mr.Robin.

And this is how to approach him.

(Smile) Hello Mr.Robin good morning. How are you today?. Is everyone in your family fine? Are you feeling well?(ask question that’s shows you care about him)

(Appreciate his work) I know you are hardworking, devoted employee of this organisation.But nowadays I see you are late at work which you were never before. Mr.Robin Is there any problem you have been facing?

Then the employee will tell you reason for being late at work. (Listen carefully and don’t criticise).

(Talk in terms of his interest ) If he is facing problems give him some suggestions, share your personal experience, comfort him if you can.

Lastly, It was nice talking to you. I hope form now onward you will be on time.I know you don’t want our organization to lose money (dramatise your concern) then throw some money at your table politely.

At the end, your employee will feel well and happy because his boss (you) listen to his reason appreciate his work and problems and will pass his experience with other employee of your organization who will praise you.

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