How can I prove to my boss that I am a dedicated employee?

  1. I am repeating this a lot today:
    Always be on time
    Do the work to the best of your abilities.
    Do not complain to other employees. If you have a problem, sit down with the boss.
    Do not gossip
    Don’t use social media during work.
    Here is the one bit of advice that someone gave me years ago that proved to be the best advice I every received: Take on the job nobody else wants, and do your best to make it work. People will remember you for it.
  2. Be someone the boss can count on. Show up on time, prepared to work, do the job well and cheerfully, help others, pitch in for the extra work that always shows up at one time or another, and you’ll be seen as a “dedicated employee.”
  3. BE a dedicated employee and loyal to your mission within the company. Arrive early, stay late if needed, be dependable and you will be noticed. Also, do a good job and do not waste time or gossip.

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