What skills/qualities are needed in order to succeed in the corporate world?

Today’s corporate era is changing at a very faster pace …
So the individual should also make changes in there working and attitude so as to succeed and shine in the corporate world !

  1. First of all an individual should be full of confidence(not over confidence) and should be able to express his/her views apply to the other person.
  2. An individual should be well verse in there language and should speak in clear tone and soft tone while exchanging a word or two wid the corporate personnel’s.
  3. An individual should be able to apply the theoritical knowledge practically in the corporate world…this shows the practical nature of a person.
  4. An individual should be versatile in his/her activity and should be able to do any kind of work so provided to him to be performed.
  5. The body language of a prson should be proper and the dressing sense should also be apropert becaus the the attire plays a very important role in showing your personality.
  6. Smart work should be done instead of hard work so that less time is consumed in completion of any work.
  7. An individual should be updated in terms of knowledge so that new things can be adapted easily!!
    So these are the few things which should be possessed in a prson in order to shine in today’s corporate world !!

The Corporate World requires many skills. But in all if we sum up, we have to deal with people/persons in general.

People who are hard working who put everything in the line of duty.
People who are arrogant, rich powerful and even white collar criminals.
But the most important skills required are-

1. You should know when to Shut Up and Open your Mouth.(meaning to know what to speak, how much to speak, how much Not to speak especially in front of senior member of the same and outsider organization.
2. You should know when to close a deal and when not to.( A very good skill is in keeping the other person engaged and convincing them to do your desired goal/job- eg. During Kite flying season, the best kite dlywr is the one who knows how much to loosen up and how much to pull the string so the kite can fly high.
3. You should know there are no permanent friends or enemies. Eg. Today your partner/ friend could be your next competitor and your competitor could be your future partner.

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