What’s the much you can put up with in the name of Love?


The root of your love teeters in the heart given, and in that is the summation of where your wish as thrown in the air of a breath to open unconditionally night and day as in understood is forever. Unto all things the where you stilled was in the stay of all conditions, circumstances, even the way apart, and in there still the love grows. The unravel of pure erased where you are into the two of one. The heart instilled with a transition to love each other deep is core to the sentience as forever is shared. This shared is between one heart to another. It is the put up in the name of Love. In this is the foundation of who you are. In two you seek to feel as together, but when you allow your heart to not see the fullness where you sole your heart, and you give it away from the love you hold, it is then you raise the abstract. It is only as you take from the trust of two by sharing this love with another that you caution yourself as divided. Other than the steps that lead away of this undeniable truth as two in love, brining some tertiary to divide the love that is meant to be tips the truth of who you are and who you wish to exist as a suitable stealing of your breath. Minus the love uncommitted the contraction where I wish forever defies all things into the one moment. That is the together of two hearts. In there is the much as with it you give to each other more.


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