How do I make my life partner happy?

These questions very oftenly we ask to ourselves and our friends, close family members. But the answer to this question lies within ourselves. First of all if you really love someone then you may know your partners like and dislike. Just try to work on that and try not to hurt your partner either intentionally or unintentionally.

Sometimes we do make mistakes while trying to do something good for them but it results in other way round. You can show your love and care in many different ways. Do the things the way your partner likes or follow his principles. Some day your partner will realize that you have completely changed and living the life the way your partner wanted. You will really be surprised that you will be loved and respected by your partner more than earlier.

Never ever try to hide anything with each other. Try to solve the problems together. Try not to be dominating in relationship. Support your partner whenever he/she needs you. Never lie to each other. Do not create misunderstanding cause of others. Never be demanding, just share your needs and give time.

A true/good relationship needs compatibility and that only comes with the thinking level of both persons. Try to give time in understanding and knowing each other. If you have good understanding and loving nature then you will never have problems and if there will be no problems then your partner will always be happy.

So just to conclude, not a single relationship needs any sort of problems in them resulting in happy and loving environment. So keep loving each other and have good compatibility in all manners, this will keep your relationship happy and enjoyable.

What are the best tips to make your significant other the happiest person in the world?

  1. Be the best partner you can be ( listen to them, be there for them, pay attention to small details, forgive and forget, compliment them, be loyal, keep their trust, cheer them up,..)
  2. Be there for them in difficult situations (even though you might not know how to handle some situations, just be there, hug them and listen)
  3. Make them try new things that they are comfortable with ( new food, activity, movies,..)
  4. Talk with them!! Ask them what would make them happy.
  5. Tell them something nice every day.
  6. And be happy yourself. You can’t make other people happy if you are not!
    And remember, you already made your significant other the happiest when you agreed to be with them. You are the thing that makes them happy! So just relax and give your best, they will be happy, trust me!

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