Will there be a way to change the past someday?

Answer: Will we be able to change the past someday?

Do you not see what it is that you seek?

It is simply the definition as to the understanding of such a motion in illusion.

The concept is intrinsic to all the elements where change is stilled by the conceptually ardent impact of the now.

You have heard that the past, present, and future, invest into, or divest forward from the one consuming moment we each observe.

Some of antiquity’s players have claimed the things we see have unfolded into where we have been, so this change is caught in infinity as all things circumvent where we amuse matters to invest the solidarity of change.

Someday is always now.

Somewhere is conditioned into the there we express this moment on.

Somehow is fulfilled to lesson the understanding paradoxes until all is unchanged.

This does not change the essence, but rather it enhances the character of what love is sought as leveled to an unconditional taint of each dimension shared.

Will we be able to change the past someday?

It is in the enabled absence into another where you see the choice is unfurled as the serenity of one heart.

The change is not in leaving the heart, but in the stay of the love given.

Do you want to change the past?

Then one must create the sure of an unequivocal being where in you is the love of now.

We each change our past as in accordance to the love given.

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