How do you know when someone really loves you?

I have learnt what love really means.

It’s when someone doesn’t mind to correct you in the best possible way, not to discourage you but rather build you. They just want the better you especially for yourself, your future, your well-being.

They don’t leave you neglected in the wrong direction. Real love doesn’t mean approving every action of the partner/parent/child’s due to fear of rejection or no physical contact after (sex, kiss etc). That would be selfish, thinking about our needs being met while knowing what the partner does wrong. Someone who loves you tells truth. They don’t lie to to leave you smiling. They don’t fake things but at the same time they present manner in correcting.

Someone who loves you wouldn’t degrade you in front of nor behind you. Someone who loves you covers your wrongs and lacks, keeping it safe from fun talk. They would uncover it only in purpose of seeking for solution (to the closest family member, ONLY AND ONLY IF the couple knows the certain degree of wisdom of that family member or to a marriage counselor).

Someone who loves you appreciates you. They won’t lower nor frown at you just because your actions aren’t what they expected, yet the goal and result are the same.

This may sound cliche but I can’t stand not saying it because it’s true: they stay for the better or worse. they don’t leave you for tolerable mistakes and errors. They don’t constantly look for excuses in order to leave you. I am not talking about abusive relationships, yet I can’t say anything much if the person in an abusive relationship chooses to stay eventhough it doesn’t mean they are stupid. Their feelings are just huge they can’t really manage it between heart and brain. But I am underlining something else, they who love you stay for solving problems together. Even when sometimes you ain’t available to solve it together, they voluntarily do it alone knowing it would be hard but they have the believe. They can leave seeing no door is open but as long as there seems to be a chance, they will fight for the better. Someone who loves you doesn’t give up.

NO BETRAYAL. NO BETRAYAL, NO MATTER WHAT. Someone who loves you will stay LOYAL no matter how hard your circumstance is. They will lower their gaze, they will not give anything to anyone who doesn’t deserve their physical or psychic attention other than their partner. Someone who loves you respects the relationship (talking about marriage). If there’s a situation they can’t stand anymore, they will leave with dignity and honesty, not leaving the SO with trauma of betrayal and abuse. They will clearly state their incapabilities and they will start their new life with a new love or adoration only after they have gone through the whole process of divorce otherwise it’s still cheating. CHEATING IS CHEATING, even if you are not under the same roof anymore. As long as you are still married, you are bonded. Someone who loves you will start another chapter without you only after they finish with you in a complete manner. Why? Because even if the love isn’t there anymore, someone ‘who loves you’ still respects you. In certain situations respect is one upper position than love and in many cases it can preserve a long marriage even after love fades away. They won’t cheat, they won’t abuse in any form, they will still hold responsibilities. People who respect others are the reflection of themselves. They are people with dignity and exclusive.

Since I am a Christian, someone who loves you tries to make you closer to Almighty God for they want to succeed the marriage in the pleasure of Almighty God’s so that you will meet again in heavenly paradise. They know the path to heavenly is rocky, it’s not full of roses, therefore they want to help you. Even if sometimes they sound boring asking if you have prayed or study your bible, they want to nurture you by thinking after their death you will already get used to prayer and reading your bible. You praying doesn’t benefit them, they don’t get diamonds for reminding you. Rather wonder, why, even knowing they obtain nothing, do they still do it? Because they love you. That’s the answer. Open your eyes to appreciate those who really love you. You will find uncountable people who will be okay and comment nothing for you not praying and it might sound great “nobody nags me”. But maybe you will only have 1 or 2 people who keeps reminding you in your life and only God knows how long they’ll stay in this world. After that you can’t be sure if you’ll find another.

Someone who loves you puts efforts to earn only God provision. They don’t want to damage their family and themselves in the world and hereafter for enjoying unlawful and forbidden stuff.

Someone who loves you keeps making du’a to Almighty God for your well-being, for guidance if you need one. That’s the ultimate provision someone can attain, In thaks giving. After your death, someone who loves you keeps making du’a (prayer) for you. All the du’a for God’s love and mercy upon you.

May you find someone who loves you.

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