Lately I lack empathy & kindness towards others, how can I be a nice person? I am kind of mean & bitter at the moment

  1. Sometimes it can help to remember that all of those people you see out there in the world, are either “beaten up” already, or going to get “beaten up” soon enough.
    Negativity is like the gift that just keeps giving. The old saying which exemplifies this is:
    “What goes around, comes around.”
    Most people require some painful lessons before they learn to abandon the Reactive Personality. Social Primitives (undeveloped persons) all cling to and attach themselves to emotional reactions, intense dislikes, and criticisms and fault-finding of other persons, combined with the common habit of never engaging in self-examination. People like me develop the habit of always “finger pointing” at what is outside ourselves, and never looking within. In the primitive state of development, people like me avoid all thought about our own actions. We love to find problems outside of ourselves, and we love to point the finger at the evil that exists in other persons. Sometimes we love to tell others exactly what we hate. The more we hate, the more we think that we have discovered some great treasure in life. We paint ourselves pure white with a paint brush that is very large and always ready to go to work.

People like me only develop a gentler personality and a more understanding personality when our Ego is entirely shattered and we are exposed as being no better or different than all other persons.

All of which serves to show why I like that funny saying;

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Sometimes, people learn to channel their energy into critical thinking skills, or accomplishing some purpose in life which helps the rest of mankind, by which means they examine themselves with the same standard that they used to examine others.

The problem that people like myself face, is finding a way to somehow remember that the abuses and suffering and injustice that I endured in my own life, is always the same kind of difficulty that other people face as they learn to develop. Most of the little children suffer these things.

  1. If you are mean and bitter with people is there a reason to behave this way?
    As an empath, I see where people can be hurting inside their souls by their lack of empathy and kindness due to their own disappointment at parents that pushed them to act more mature than they need to be.

This bitterness that you may feel should not be directed at others when they have done nothing to you but to reconsider your attitude because most people like to get along with each other even when they feel as you do. Try to remember no one is better off in this situation over the Covid-19 and that dealing with this virus is better we stand together as family and neighbors together.

  1. If you are a woman,then you are going through hormonal changes… regardless. Who ever you are you have to look into the following to know what made you this way…
  • did somebody or something made you angry..? If yes then, did you let it go,? If no then let it go.
  • are you going through difficult moments in your life,? Either financially or socially? If yes then worry out. You will pass wont stay forever. Then the last thing you need is LOVE…and care. Find one who can do that to you..
    Also do not let these temporarily feelings drive you out you are better than that. Last is try harder to stay positive..

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