People say that I take things too personally, but then they get mad when I can’t take a hint. I’m confused and angry. What am I supposed to do?

  1. Interpersonal skills and emotional awareness can be really hard for some people to acquire. I speak from experience. I spent many years in psychotherapy learning to better understand myself and others. Self reflection at the end of a day is a great way to better understand yourself and others. Take time when you come home to think about your interactions that didn’t go well that day. Think about how you might have reacted differently or signs you might have looked for to better understand a situation. Try to imagine yourself in those situations as a neutral observer and what others might have observed.
  1. Yes you probably are taking things too personally if you’re so angry as that. Usually this refers to self esteem and self awareness. If you do some work building up your own self esteem and self confidence small comments that other people make will have less effect. You want to be like a duck, right? With the water just flowing over its back. If you start making the assumption that people wish you well instead of are against you, life will go a lot more smoothly.

We can take the opportunity to learn something from other people’s opinions of us and try to improve where we need to, but at the same time should not get too worried about it. I hope that doesn’t sound too contradictory! Once you get over the initial upset ask yourself, is there any truth in it? Look back over past experiences. Do you get angry whenever people make any personal comment? Are you always overreacting to things? Maybe think of their opinions like a buffet. You can take some choice bites from certain dishes but there is no need to sample all of it!

  1. It is unlikely that anyone would not get confused and angry that’s quite normal

We take things to heart

Thats normal too

I understand that you feel like this

Remember when we become triggered or rebuke we go into protection mode and can be defensive

so try to understand that is what we do

With this awareness we can look at words as what they are

And see people for what they say are for them

The more we associate with this

The more we can realise this and look at this behaviour as what it is

Then we are able to not take the weight on in these words feel it and relate to it in time reliving it

As each time we do this we deeper feel

And this can become a occurrence we are in

We be

We are much more than this

Focus on meaningful its more in line with more meaningful hope this helps take care

4. it’s about them, not you, don’t take it personally. they are nowhere near “on your side”. pay more attention to describing and explaining each transaction.

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