The problem with trial and error is…error. The problem with being reliable is being relied upon. How much of our human struggles are a result of unreasonable expectations?

  1. We cannot learn anything (that we can then rely upon) without facing many of the errors. Learning is facing and overcoming errors (obstacles/dilemmas).

So the idea of being relied upon is not because we never error or never had to overcome error, but just the opposite. We are reliable because we don’t let obstacles/dilemmas/errors/faults stop us….we continue on and deliver on what we promise. That is what reliable means for a person.

Our wrongheaded over reliance on the material world and how it operates is the source of the foolish “reliable means no error”.

Example: a hammer can be relied upon…..yes. But what if we need door fixed and hire a person and they take a hammer and start hammering. After all, everyone knows a “hammer is reliable”….right?

But in this case, the dilemma/obstacle is the loose screw, not a nail that needs to be hammered.

So we see material tools are dumb but can be reliably dumb. They just work the way they work…period! And if you or I misapply/misuse them, that’s not the tool’s problem. Right?

But for life forms (humans in this case) we expect insight and analysis along with reliability and that means we expect some initial and ongoing troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting for what finding the likely true cause and adapting a corrective action that will fix that likely cause…and to hang in there (not bail out) until that process is completed. That is IMO, how a human being is seen as reliable.

And yes, our modern western material culture tends to have an expectation for people to be predictable “material tools” (like the hammer) for me and others to use.

A bit of sarcasm: He or she forms a very short term relationship and pushes a button and watches the person pick up a hammer and hit the door. This type of thinking can and does leak into longer term relationships….maybe promoted by business with job descriptions and legal recourse to end a relationship of the button is pushed and no hammering occurs.

But back to my early thought: facing obstacles and not giving up and eventually finding the root cause and overcoming it is who we humans are. The tools we create can then repeatedly (robotically) hammer the nail or flush the toilet and can do that more repeatedly, in many cases, than humans but still: “dumb as a door knob” outside of those repetitive task.

And don’t think computers are any different. So far none are any better than the one(s) who programmed them (but surely they can be phenomenally faster and don’t forget: totally heartless).

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