Why every time I go out in public people always stare at me as if I’m weird? I mind my own business I’m a nice person kind and caring and yet people don’t like me. What’s wrong with me? Why do people look at me like that?

  1. This I would think is more about how you feel in yourself and you being self conscious with an unhealthy level of self esteem. Because you are self conscious you are seeing the situations as more than they are and reading far too much into it. Its human nature to look at people who we may pass by or who are in the same public places as us and sometimes we are not even aware that we are even doing it as we may be thinking of other things but just happen to be looking in the direction of another at the time. After all you must be looking at these people in the first place to even notice that they are looking at you and perhaps they are wondering too why you are looking at them.. even if some people do look at you, you have absolutely no idea what they are thinking or why they are looking and you are making assumptions about it and automatically assuming that it’s for negative reasons such as thinking you are weird because this is what your own view is of yourself. Try to stop focusing upon what others are doing and concentrate on your own behavior and working on building up your self esteem as then you will either not notice or not care if other people glance at you and if anything you will then view it as a positive and may even think that they are looking at you as you look great especially when you feel great inside
  2. So let me just point out that if you are only concerned about you and what your doing you wouldn’t see all those people. But because your constantly looking at people to see if they’re staring that is alerting them to someone staring at them and they want to know why so they stare back. It’s an infinite loop that’s easily broken by just focusing on what your doing and ignore the rest. And if they are staring then you still have to ignore them. Again, focus on what you want.
  3. How do you know that is why they are looking in your direction? Did you ask them? Without talking to people, how do you know they don’t like you? I think you are assuming a lot of things without any evidence. Most people don’t bother with people that don’t know, they don’t care if they are weird, they don’t bother to like or dislike strangers. Instead they just go about their business as if strangers don’t exist. You can’t read the tea leaves on other people’s actions and expect to be right, as you don’t know them well enough.
  4. I think this is your own perception. Even so, who cares what these people think. Take a friend with you to talk to and so you can be less conscious of other people.

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