Is it mandatory now to accept other people’s delusional beliefs because they can’t handle reality? Are the rest of us actually sheep as these weaklings say because we enable their behavior by accepting it?

  1. Well, most beliefs are pretty harmless and do not necessarily interfere with a person’s ability to deal with reality.

What really is a bigger issue is when people lead a life of small interests, because our civilisation is actually straining right now from a critical lack of far thinkers.

In simple words, we need more people who are able to rise above pointless, worldly diversions so as to take on tasks and duties which are actually going to serve our humankind’s survival and prosperity.

Our civilisation is straining from an excess of people who live entirely for themselves and what they want, but who do not give any thought to what the civilisation needs or can cope with.

This is a problem that pretty much everyone is guilty of, except for a few rare people.

For example, if a couple is not financially in a good place and they decide to have a child this year while we are in the midst of a serious pandemic, this is selfish because they are going to show up to the public hospital in 9 months and demand a bed.

However, at that time there might not be an available bed waiting for them, because the pandemic is raging out of control again and the hospitals in many countries are once again filling up with critical cases of this ravenous viral disease.

This is an example of selfish, dangerous thinking.

It really does not matter too much if people believe in a god or in elves or whatever; that is their own business what they choose to believe in.

What is far more dangerous, however, is when people shut themselves off from paying attention to what is going on in the world and subsequently fail to align themselves (and their actions) with the prevailing circumstances.

Our civilisation can only continue to stand if people are logical enough and are comporting themselves logically.

However, right now a critical mass of humanity is not doing this, because a critical mass of people are obstinate and reckless with regard to reality, and so they are just doing what they feel like, and then demanding that the world copes with it.

This happens when a poor couple procreated too many children but cannot feed them, and so demands that social programs be created to take care of the responsibility which they have failed to deal with on their own.

Our civilisation cannot continue on forever if too many people have this kind of selfish attitude, and people ultimately need to learn how to exercise rational judgement, or else suffer the hard lessons and harsh consequences.

For example, people who choose this year and month to procreate, despite our planet being in the middle of a serious pandemic which is threatening to overtake the current hospital infrastructure, might suffer a very harsh lesson in 9 months if our governments do not get a handle on the situation and go back to some form of lockdown.

If the cases continue to exponentially grow, which is happening as of October in many countries then in 9 months, a lot of parents might have no option but to attempt to deliver their baby from home, and if complications arise which need a doctor, those parents might just have to watch their infant die.

(Already in Ontario, hospitals are being forced to put a halt on most surgeries again, because of the fact that the lockdowns were terminated prematurely, and so if this trend continues, then people will reap the sorrowful consequences.)

It really does not matter what personal beliefs someone has; the hypothetical parents in this example could be Muslims or Christians or atheists and it doesn’t change the fact that it’s really a lack of awareness and logic which creates the whole disaster.

Our world and civilization can cope with peoples’ personal beliefs, but cannot cope with everyone being irrational and illogical.

  1. No, of course not. But there are balances and lines not to be crossed.

First, understand that what you are saying could be said by many people with completely conflicting beliefs. A friend with conflicting political beliefs would say this about me, and I would say this about her. There is a point where, in order to have a relationship, we just have to agree to not talk about certain issues, and if she is not able to do that, then I have to put some space in our relationship.

There needs to be some humility on your part. Know that no matter how passionate you are about certain things, you do NOT have all the information, and you might be wrong. Believe me, I am very opinionated, but often information changes as well as our understanding of things.

Before we can fairly judge another person’s beliefs, we have to really understand where they’re coming from. Even if their source of information is from something that we truly disrespect, that doesn’t mean that they’re always wrong. And possibly they are just saying the same thing you are using completely different language. It is easy to THINK we understand what someone is saying without truly doing so. Listen to understand, not to respond.

Sometimes, there is absolutely the need to speak the truth…. in love. It is much more effective when done so with respect than in just yelling at someone (although it is tempting to yell a LOT).

Before saying anything, ask yourself what good saying something will be. If all it will do is to start a fight, then there is probably no reason to say it.

Sometimes how we word things helps us to be better heard. Saying things like, “Would you be open to hearing a different perspective,” or “There may be a different way of looking at that,” or non-threatening things like that might be helpful. Then people feel more listened to and not attacked as much.

I don’t like confrontation, but it became clear to me that “Speaking the truth in love” means SPEAKING. To NOT speak is to not love. It’s just in how and when one does it.

3. No but yes. No because it’s just plain stupid but yes because everyone caves in with the right amount of pressure. Corporations that once refused to follow certain political and social agendas caved in because of agitation from certain organizations which used shaming techniques, civil disobedience, and violence to force their agenda on the corporations. Once many corporations caved in, the products they produced also had to obey these agendas and now people who consume these products also literally buy into the Marxist madness. Going with the wind is necessary because those who don’t get shamed and harassed into obedience. Now you can tell yourself that you can resist the delusions of others, but when delusions are the norm and you find yourself the target of public scorn and ridicule you will cave in and believe in the delusions yourself. Nobody is immune.

  1. Fear has ruled for a while. There is not much we can do because the majority are cowards who would rather burn down reality than do the right thing.

The problem is that emotionalism is Bestiality. And modern man holds emotion higher than logic. So that this is the reign of the beast.

Language is now nothing but emotional sounds, words now describe feelings not logic so that language is now Beastial. Language has been redifined.

Want trumps needs, want is of the flesh thus want is Beastial

The notion of rest is a fallacy because reality is work. Rest is the flesh refusing to work, Heaven is a bestial notion because only flesh needs rest

This is the Era of The Beast. Even the color White that is the color of evil is now the color of purity yet white is the repulsion of all colors while black holds all colors

The Devil now rules.

  1. I believe that as long as the reality of our universe is willing to cater to over 7 billion sets of beliefs, I can ultimately feel rest assured, even when quite a few of those beliefs irritate me on occasion.

My beliefs that a black woman has power can appear delusional in a Western social reality, especially 50 years ago, but still to some even today. Social reality, however, is different and subject to the reality of life, which does not see race, gender, sexuality or religion etc.

I can rant and rave against another’s idea about what is true and right, but Life supports each of us in our fantasies, until by way of suffering in isolation, we decide to give up that belief for a more helpful and fulfilling one.

  1. Nothing is mandatory, to believed, when it is not true is weak.

I believe that if someone I’m communicating with has an unsupported belief, that I cannot get them to see with my debate response. It’s their choice to have separate opinions from me and my beliefs. Sometimes it’s too much effort to correct them. This is not enabling in my mind, it’s going a different way. If not arguing is going to improve my day, there is nothing weak, despite being called weak by the people living from an alternate reality. If their behavior is offensive call it what it is and move forward with the day.

7 . I think that at some point everybody should understand that what is truly rare it’s a person capable of handling reality, all of us live always trying to modify what is to adapt it to any idea we might have about ourselves.

One should never allow himself to act against any other person ideas, one should only care about what is one doing and what he can do to allow himself to grow better. Reality doesn’t belong to anyone and that’s as much as we can have as certain.

Have a good reading

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