The world is cruel and cold, is this a good reason to become more caring, selfless, and a patient person? Perhaps I shall sacrifice my life for others.

  1. The average person will know 1,000 people in their lifetime. The 1,000 people you know may very well be impacted by you more than you think. Each one of those 1,000 people will also know 1,000 people and so on. That means you are only 1 step from 1,000 and 2 steps from 1,000,000.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, imagine you adopt a contagious persona like possitivity, you just ooze it. Now add in the fact that we are so easily connected as human kind is. You smiling at a single person and making their day could really be seen as you possibly making the day of 1,000,000 over your lifetime. The same works vice versa in a negative context.

I am sharing this idea to show how big of an impact your treatment of others has and should be perceived.

Life is indeed fraught with suffering. Fighting against the darkness and striving to bring chaos into order is a heavy moral load but is rich with meaning. If one wishes to lead a meaningful existence that positively impacts the world around them, this is their calling.

  1. You sound like the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus. He loved and cared for people so much and yes, he died for them.

However, he had a unique assignment from his Father that no human could fill, so he did it; to ransom mankind from what Adam forfeited for himself and for all of his offspring.

We follow his example of love (the kind based on respect: Agape) as well as showing empathy, kindness, joy, humility, promoting peace, and things like these, that demonstrate who we are. We then are a living example of the good that is in each person. This does more good for others and for society, than if we die. We do not need to die to show our love and loyalty, we need to live a beautiful life amid the misery, by continuing joyful, humble and to “serve” others by our good conduct. Our good example serves others in a very important way and perhaps will give them needed comfort hope that there is more than this present ugly life.

It reminds me also of the faith of Abraham, that he saw his hope “a long way off” and lived his life to please his creator and to live in accord with his will.

  1. What you say is the but it doesn’t go that simple as it sounds.

Why is the world cruel and cold?!

Because it is built by our inherently self-serving, egotistic, exploitative nature.

So how can we become more caring, selfless and patient?!

After all we would need to become someone that is opposite to how we are born to!

Still, it is possible, moreover it is crucially necessary as our collective survival depends on changing, upgrading ourselves.

We need a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method for this and the suitable, “laboratory-like” environment where we can try, practice, implement and acquire the new qualities.

4. I agree that at times the world can be cruel and cold place, but at every moment their are deeds of selflessness being performed by people all around the world, the God I try to follow says that one of the ways to please him is not to hurt one of our fellow human beings. And Meher Baba also says it you think so much of others that you forget yourself, you’ll please him. The ultimate goal is to realize the inner dweller in us all is God and to become one with him.

Baba also says (Everything real is given and received in silence)Be well my friend

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