How do I deal with one of my bestfriends who keeps boasting about himself, dismissive and arrogant (Apparently he’s charming, helpful at sometimes and cherished by most of my other friends).when I try to correct him I end up being laughed at?

  1. Find a new set of friends and keep these at a distance.

The best medicine in life we never want to take it walking away.

Each and everyday we are all faced with tests, sometimes we fail sometimes we pass. When we fail we might be lucky to have it occur again in our lifetime to correctly handle this situation to have a chance to pass the test. We are lucky not to have to wait another lifetime for this! Haha.

Know your value and you are enough.

Even if you have to write it down,

I am worthy





Do this exercise to see what amazing qualities you have.

Now write now what emotions you feel when you’re around them.

*If you really care about their friendship, let them know based off your notes “hey man you make me feel __ when you do this. Can’t you see we are like brothers I don’t want to fight with you” etc..

If the friends are still not making any small effort or say sorry man I didn’t know we were playing.. that is your cue to exit stage left. Nobody else is in charge of your life but you. You can change the scene, actors and yourself. (Change in a healthy manner if you know what I mean. And not actors but I hope you get what I’m trying to say).

  1. It’s not your responsibility to correct him. While you can tell him — quite truthfully and factually — that you don’t cherish him or find him charming, do you really think that will make anything better?

If you’re annoyed by him, put some distance between you. See him less often. If that’s not an option, stop confiding in him. Only talk about neutral topics which aren’t personal to either of you; work, the weather, a sports thing, a show, local events… you get the idea.

Here’s a sneaky thing I learned to do which people often don’t notice: I stop asking how they are and never tell them how I am. Of course self-centered people don’t care because they never cared, but it’s an effective distancing tool. “Hi! Did you happen to see (public thing)?” instead of “Hi, how’s it going?” grounds the conversation in the public thing, without handing them an opening to talk about themselves. Oh, they will talk about themselves anyhow, don’t kid yourself about that, but this way they have to work for it.

  1. Firstly you consider him a best friend but are you one of his? You sound like a groupie who puts him on a pedestal called “best friend” while he doesnt do the same and show you respect.

Second, he sounds like a jerk. Can be charming when he wants to be but under the surface he’s an a-hole. Laughs at his friends? Who does that? He doesnt accept criticism thinks hes above being corrected, so he blows you off. Nice guy.

People who boast, as Reed says, tend to be insecure and cover it up with bravado and macho behavior.
Those who boast a lot are people they feeling insecure inside. They keep on talking about them at length and some time along the exaggerated stories. If you are a good listener, they will consider you as your friend.

I met several such people in my life. I have somebody in my home who like to boast about them all the time. This habit is deep rooted and correction is not possible unless you have a deep influence in him/her.

  1. A narcissist does not want to be corrected. They are never wrong and are entirely full of themselves. You either accept this about him or stay away from him. Correcting him will never work. You can’t fix him, and it isn’t your place. All you can do is avoid him if he get’s on your nerves.
    From a distance, and with no emotional attachment. If a person is boasting about themselves, they probably have a sense of inferiority, which they try to bolster by praising themselves, and putting others down.
    whatever else is going on, he is not giving you good attention, he is not considerate enough.
    Look for other friends. He is not one.

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