I can never seem to win. Every time I do something, it always blows up in my face and people always yell at me. How do I deal with this?

  1. Your situation is described using such generalities I would say there’s more going on that actual events literally failing “every time”. Let’s say, though that you’re experiencing a huge string of mishaps and failures – think about it, there are reasons. You’re asking what they are; well, we cannot know, because likely the answer lies in something you’re doing, not doing, decisions you or someone is making that is leading to poor results. It could also be a perception thing – a negative outlook that sees the bad vs things that are going right. Do you currently work, make money, pay bills and sleep in a house with clean water and heat in the winter and AC in the summer? Is your car running, are you free not in prison, not addicted to drugs, for example? Then something’s going right. Please provide more info to help the world out here listen and maybe provide more useful advice. Meanwhile, try to accept that bad things will happen, but try to avoid them, think and plan ahead, ponder situations, pray for wisdom from God to understand reasons behind failures. You will climb out of the abyss, I assure you. It may take a long time but keep trying learning and thinking. Here is an example of the humble squirrel whose perseverance can teach us a lesson – it’s long but power through it or forward, I have thought about the “terminator perseverance” of squirrels, ever since I watched it –

2. Tell them whatever you did was on purpose, now they’re yelling at you for no reason. If it didn’t make sense that what you did was on purpose and they question it. Just tell them you don’t care, yelling people are hard to understand.

3. It seems that your damned if you do and damned if you don’t therefore you should do what you feel is best for you and what feels right to you and for the rights reasons and intentions as you will never please everyone so stop trying to as it will not matter so much if you are pleasing yourself.

4. Stop playing the game. Be yourself, do what is necessary and what you want and forget everything else. I don’t know what you are referring to when you say, “every time I do something.” What are you doing? Maybe stop doing it for those who are going to yell at you.

5. Learn from the explosions, get better with each failure and fail faster. Ignore people yelling at you. Read about Edison’s experiments, many of his failure in the light bulb, became success for other inventions.

6. It could be that no one can bare the truth, that you shouldn’t complain about rude behavior. study the dynamics, the processes, the steps.

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