If one cannot change a toxic environment around them, how can they learn to change how it negatively affects them?

  1. Briefly, though, I suggest you realize that You * Always have a choice as to how you are going to react to any situation. That is ESSENTIAL.
  • You have to realize that it is not what transpire out there or what people say to you what makes feel bad, but rather what you say to yourself about what is happening and what they are saying. Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Nobody can offend you without your consent.” Always keep that in mind when they say things to you that hurt.
  • You have to develop independence of mind. That means, you are going to have to be less dependent on their approval. You need to work to become independent of the good opinion of others in your life.
  • The result of that form of thinking is that you will learn to believe in what you think of yourself more than what they tell you about yourself. You have to work on improving your self-esteem and become a ”rock” of self -love when you are attacked or put down.
  • Finally, do whatever you can to get out of the toxic environment as soon as you can. That means, become financially independent, move out and move on. Stand on your own two feet. And form a family of your own that is not toxic.
  1. Nothing is perfect, not even the company of good friends. So we have defenses we use in various situations. Some people just put up a shield and fend off the whole word. Rather sad.

You might think that toxic places would wear you down, and they can. Some people say you have to tough. I don’t like that approach. I like the idea of being on a boat floating carefully through a mine field, not letting any of them touch the boat.

There are no good ways I know of to tell you how to do those things. What works for me may not work for you. There is a saying about not letting your work go home with you. When you are not in the toxic situation don’t think about it. You can focus on those things, like your parents fighting all the time, to the extent that you realize that you don’t want a relationship like that for yourself. Maybe you even see things that your parents should be doing to avoid the conflicts, and you store that for your own use later when you are a parent.

3. Hard to do but not impossible….just be in the area if is necessary. never be rude neither too nice just kind serious..do what you have to do and leave the area. If is family members …sets some boundaries and stick with hem. And always prepare yourself mentally because some days will be rough.

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