I’m at a breaking point. Everyone is so much better at life in general than me. What can I do to stop thinking this?

  1. Everyone has to face his breaking point someday in life. You are not new, you are not alone. Almost all the great and successful people have overcome their breaking points in order to be become what they are! See, this is the time when you get a chance to know and realize your true potential. This is the time when your little hope and courage make you meet with a STRONGER YOU. So don’t lose your heart!

Now coming to your thought that says, “Everyone else is living a better life than yours.” But it’s really not true at all! Go to some nearby hospital and spend some time there, go to some mental asylum and have a look at life there, go to some orphanage and see how little children are living their lives, go to some old age home and spend some time there, you will come to realize that the life you have is really worth living.

You want to feel great about your life then see these two things are existing in your life or not:

  • People who care about you
  • A work that you have to perform in life

If you have even a single person who cares about you then be happy with your life and if you have a job/work to do then it’s amazing, what do you want more?!? You are still alive whereas thousands of people are dying every day in road accidents and covid-19 all over the world. Be grateful to God for your breath is still with you. Had God not loved you, you would have not been alive till this date!

Happiness is a decision and not a situation. Take a decision to remain happy in life. And believe all it needs a smile on your face. Just put on a lovely smile on your face and see out of the window of your negative thoughts—Life is really beautiful, really awesome and worth living.

  1. Anxiety and Depression is end result of thinking negatively. It means that the body has been tuned to this state by days, weeks, months and in severe cases years of negative thinking pattern. A 360 degree change of thinking pattern is the need of the hour but it is not easier than said.

Anxiety and depression is the fruit of negative thinking pattern which gets embedded in the subconscious mind like the hard disk of your computer. Question: Does you computer open negative.docx when you click on positive.docx, you will say a big NO. Same way, what you feed over weeks, months and years, the same is reflected and projected by your subconscous mind. So you need to change your thinking pattern.

For most majority of patient’s, without doctor’s intervention it is not possible to cure anxiety and depression. Also not possible to cure with Modern Medicine if it is in advanced stage. The best option is Homeopathy or other alternatives like Ayurveda which cure the cause but but you really need to be lucky and make serious efforts to locate a doctor who knows his medicine because if the doctor doesnt know his medicine it can escalate the depression. Doctors you will find a many but a doctor who knows his medicine very few.

Anxiety, Depression, Anger, fear of failure, getting upset at the drop of the hat, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or sadness, early awakening, excess sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep, agitation, excessive crying, irritability, or social isolation, repeatedly going over thoughts, excessive hunger, fatigue, loss of appetite, or restlessness, means your thinking pattern needs an OVERHAUL. It’s time to go to the mechanics of the mind. No, it is not possible without help for 99.9%. wordpress is not the place to get help, here you can only get tips.

Read the book by Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief.

If you need to really get in touch with a Doctor who knows his medicine just write after reading above book.

No one can be 100% the way you want to be but yes, you can be 100% the way you want to be

For a depressed person, the mantra is think positive throughout the day, through out the month, through out the year and your subconscious mind will bring you out of the depression.

  1. Ok. So you find all better off in life than you ian’t it. May be. Have you probed deeper. Are you enamoured with only the glorified display of prosperity, happiness etc. Try to go deep and you’ll find you are way better off than most.

Many are well off by virtue of many parental resources. Many just squander irrespective of incomes. Many many factors are involved.

Real performers are value added people who have strived themselves. They are by virtue of certain qualities. Identify such qualities and adopt these qualities and traits.

You’ll never feel inferior or backward again

You are you. Be yourself.
Everyone is actually not doing better than you. You are believing you are inferior for some underlying reasons. Typically we learn in childhood that we are never good enough. To change this conditioning I suggest you not compare yourself to others. Some are more and some are less successful. Having an integrated personality requires that we embrace our uniqueness. Success should be defined by the non materialistic values you hold dear.

People may be better than you at certain areas in life, but not everything.

Acknowledge your strengths and focus on building upon what you’re good at. This will help you build confidence and be proud of yourself and what you’re capable of.

You’re probably not going to have strengths in everything, so don’t worry if someone is better than you are at something. Chances are, you are better than them at something else. Always remind yourself of this in case you feel down.

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