What do you think are the biggest reasons people feel they need to deny their own truth and hide their authentic selves?

  1. Society pressures people to be a certain type, a certain style. Society pressures people to buy certain things. Society wants to be portrayed as the most successful in the world. And the energy of society is the most felt energy pressure the body can feel, in America. For a country that advertises diversity, the pressures to be good, better, or best, to be the best in the world, to do things and say things that make you accepted and sure not to stand out are so great that people lose sight of what is means to live in the first place. Being authentic is what an honest society needs. The authentic person is true to their heart and will be energized by whatever ways they are drawn to serve society, not by what makes them look the most successful, nor just whatever it takes to survive. It takes courage to stand up to adversity and not let society tell you what success looks like, but to understand what success means to self. Once you find your purpose, you will be compelled to live it and honestly portray your feelings. People will begin to see your happiness radiating through your authenticity. It will draw them to do the same, instead of feeling crazy by being themselves.

Many are afraid of being judged be believing in a religion. This comes from increasing pressure from the gov’t that science, what can be proven in a lab, should rule all, and this is why America is the greatest in the world. This gov’t is ever increasing in size because most believe if you can’t defeat them, join them. When they feel so overcome by these pressures of society that they have pushed away all the little things that make them unique, they are drawn to fight for their life back, or join those whom appear most successful. The American government wants those who do not stand up and be themselves, but those who will just do as they’re told and look happy doing it. They join the gov’t in hopes of feeling accepted as most successful in the eyes of society. Unfortunately, they usually just gather serious disappointment and resentment. Kind of defines the term of “going postal.

Rarely anymore do people do things for themselves just to be themselves or because it makes them feel better, but to please the fakeness society.

  1. Our society has largely degraded into communications with either falsehoods or lies and billions have been spent to have us believe that is an OK, normal and reasonable way to live; while it isn’t even a reasonable way to just barely survive in Fear where those with power and vast riches want us to stay!!

In a society where falsehoods and lies re the norm, why would we step up and be forthright?

There is a reason, actually, because we are a form of life which the universe selected, against great odds, to come into being and we are a species which was then selected to be Special and question both why we are her and who we really are!

Actually, we humans are eternal, spiritual beings who will be given a string of bodies made of stardust so we can grow enough and become such Great examples of living Love that others will choose to become just like us.

Beyond that, we are Destined to finally become Living Live, Love Personified or Love Incarnate (choose your favorite name).

Our stardust bodies are both efficient and effective in bringing us up against situations where we finally recognize that we have important issues to identify, learn and put into practice; ones who have not yet learned well enough – so they keep coming back at us.

Stand up an be counted!

The time for hiding our Light has long past and we are choosing heads of state who are ridiculous in so many ways! Choose to become such a Great example of living Love that others have to choose to become just like you! Start a chain of growth.

  1. We all want to liked and accepted and so we hide our true feelings, agree when we actually don’t, and modify our appearance to look more attractive.

It is not tll we believe people actually like us for who we are that we allow ourselves to expose our true selves. But reaching that point and getting through it may be our most difficult accomplishment in life and we may still find ourselves on the outside once we’ve done it.

One of our biggest mistakes is not letting our spouses discover who we really are before we commit to marriage and children. Too often believing we can change to be who they think we are.

I’ve come to realize that being who I really am may alienate some I considered friends or even loved ones, but it’s worth the freedom that comes from divesting ourselves of the incredible burden of maintaining a facade.

It may actually turn out that friends and family will still love you and may now respect you more.

  1. Sometimes people are not nice people, and they hide that in order to gain something. It’s kind of like catfishing, if only emotionally. Narcissists can be this way.

People try to fit in. When they don’t have a true sense of self, they meld with whomever they are with. They dress like their friends dress. They eat what their friends eat. They join activities that their friends enjoy. Either they haven’t taken the time to explore themselves, or they stuff their real selves down inside in order to be accepted.

Many people hold on to a deep sense of shame or pain. They feel that their true selves are too much for people, or they are ashamed of their true selves, so they wear a mask. Maybe they don’t want to bother other people with their problems. Maybe they are afraid of rejection. Maybe they just don’t feel that they are good enough to truly be known.

They are afraid of weakness. They wear a mask to cover up that weakness and live in fear of anyone finding it out. The narcissists do this as well. That is why they always tout that they are “the best” and “the greatest” and attack anyone who says anything negative about them.

They feel they have a role to play, and they think that sharing their true self would hinder that role. Sometimes this can be healthy, such as in a job setting (with varying degrees). And sometimes this is very harmful to the self. As a pastor, I often put my own needs aside to help others. But sometimes I find it hard to then deal with my own needs because I’ve been putting them aside for so long.

All of us, to an extent, hide who we are, at least in part. We show only a small amount of our true selves when making first impressions. We act one way at work and another at home. We act one way with family and another way with strangers. Sometimes it is healthy; sometimes it is not. I knew a teacher who was NOT a morning person, but for 40 years had to get up early in the morning to go to work. I know a pastor who is NOT formal, but puts on a dress for church each week. I know counselors who lean one way politically but counsel people who lean another way politically, and their job is to understand, not to change a person’s opinions.

So those are just a few examples of why we hide our true selves. Ultimately, we all could do more self-exploration to truly discover who we are and who we were created to be.

5. Predators. Parasites. People out there that attach themselves to you and drain the life force from you day by day until you are just a shell of who you once were. They take advantage of your kindness and mock you for being caring and compassionate. They eat away at your soul and every fiber of your being until you are void of any semblance whatsoever of who you were meant to be. Don’t reveal yourself to anyone until you know exactly what you are dealing with, you could be entertaining your destruction.

  1. Speaking to this regarding NPDs…b/c 1. I don’t believe they even know who their “authentic” self is. 2. That authentic self is typically a horrible person, and admitting it would destroy the fantasy world they create about themselves.

NPDs lie & deny, cheat, steal, betray, manipulate, whine, tantrum/rage, gaslight, bully, and lie some more. Who would want to present THAT as their authentic self? So they hide. They are like chameleons. They wear masks to present themselves to others, to appear as they believe others want to see them. But they are never “real”.

I believe that some people hide their authentic selves and put on a persona that isn’t themselves because they feel their authentic selves are inadequate or that people won’t like them for whom they truly are. For example everyone is weird in their own way one person may always like to say a phrase or another likes their things to be a certain way or they go crazy. So people often hide parts of themselves to appear more likable or smarter so that they could seem more “normal” or blend in with society more cleanly.

  1. Conformity pressure. You think that perhaps you will not be pleasing to your friends and family if you let it all hang out.

To a certain extent, we certainly do need to please others and conform to society’s customs and so on. But often we pay too big a price for it – we give up being the unusual person we all are inside.

“Dare to be different” That’s probably a slogan for something, but it’s a good idea. Unless you are into some really bad stuff inside you, you will, possibly after some time, be accepted as who and what you are.

They are being unfairly dealt with: not being heard; being denied; being told a pack of lies, false justifications, or irrelevancies.

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