Why do I always have the feeling that something bad is going to happen, like a gut instinct that you can’t ignore?

  1. If this is that happens “always” then it is a result of a habit. The first thought or reaction you have is negative or a scared one. And when it actually results in what you thought you tend to start believing that you’re thinking on the right track and then this continues. It takes quite some practice to turn these into good thoughts and belief, not impossible. Few ideas that you can try and see if they help you.
  • Practice meditation to let go of your negative thoughts
  • Follow universal law of attraction “like always attracts like”. When you start pushing yourself for honest positive thoughts and see it working, it will change your habit and belief system. Start with small things.
  • Whenever you have such thoughts, keep telling yourself loudly “STOP these thoughts”. It takes a while but eventually you will learn to control your thoughts.
  • Avoid friends/ people who are negative. They say right, staying around happy and positive people makes you happy. Try that.
  • Celebrate your good times, they will make you happy and in return turn your belief pattern into a positive one.

Trust me when I say, IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. I always follow the rule bother yourself over things that you can control, and mind is something you definitely can. The sooner you convert your thoughts into positive ones, it will help you grow into a better person and accomplish goals faster.

  1. You may be suffering from an anxiety condition. This could be mental or physical (like a chemical imbalance in your body or brain). If you are unable to manage it and it is negatively impacting your life, you should seek professional assistance.

You state you always feel this way. Has it always been this way or can you pinpoint a time when it started?

Being isolated like many of us where covid-19 is spreading can cause feelings like this.

If you have something negative that you know is going to happen in your future, it can cause it.

Being a chronic procrastinator can cause this.

This could be caused by PTSD. Keep in mind PTSD can start months and even years after the traumatic experience.

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