Why do I always slouch when people look at me? It’s completely emotional and like an instinct I can’t defeat, no matter how I try. Any thoughts?

This are few ideas that you can try and see if they help you.

  1. Sounds like you’re defensive, scared of strangers or afraid of being judged. I’m fairly sure you already realize why you are this way. However, being aware of this is the first step. I would suggest looking at something, taking a deep breath and just saying “it’s okay, relax” – quietly, of course.
  2. It seems like you’re trying to hide. Take pride in yourself as I think people are looking at an attractive person. Try to replace the slouching with putting your shoulders back and sitting up straight.
  3. Maybe you’re trying to present a low profile in order to deflect unwanted attacks or approaches. I do the same thing. I’m trying to let the world know that there’s “nothing to see here” -”nothing to get excited about.”
  4. because you are continually oppressed and act submissive?

imagine the next time, with a specific person or not, and plan some new behavior, say something theatrical, or humorous. repeat and try new things.

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