Can you define that life is not finding yourself, but life is creating yourself?

  1. Self-realization is what you must seek. Self-realization contains all answers of your questions.

Without self-realization whether you think you found yourself or you think you created your life in any way your life will be waste.

Seek self-realization as your first and last priority. Self-realization is the way.

2. Life is all about discovering our true self, not the one that our society wants or expects from us. It is high time to stop finding yourself and go ahead to creating yourself.

We want our society to accept us, so we change, we compromise and we start losing our true essence. So follow your passion, not society. Create your own role not just play it.

Life is a big journey and you can survive when you know about yourself the most. Your flaws, your imperfections, thoughts, emotions and many more. You being you is what you are. And that implies in finding yourself. But when you start changing for a good reason, Building yourself up, learning new things about yourself and handling the toughest situation, including the ups and downs that what you are creating yourself.

The truth is “life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. “ It’s about discovering what we’re capable of learning from our challenges in life to evolve into the person we inspire to be.

“Life is not about what you see, it’s about how you see it. “

“Be a voice of inspiration for change”

3. It means creating a better version of yourself, your vision, self-esteem, confidence, etc. It’s not about appearance, self-care, and wardrobe.

Create yourself tiny habits that naturally lead to a certain behavior that naturally lead towards your favorite destination.

Are you not comfortable with something in life? – Start small. No need to run away to the hairdresser, and on emotions cut long hair or coloration green. No. Start with an inner state, with simple. Even cleaning in the house, you can put your thoughts in order.

Understand that it’s human nature to change. When a person stops developing, begins to degrade, stand still, and lose himself, it’s a lot worse. Because all things that you studied at life, all lose sense and go away. Stop fair to get out of your comfort zone! Stop living the dreams of “what you want to be.” Live now. Feel that you are here. Release the past. Throw away the unnecessary with your life: things and thoughts. To learn something, that helps you, for example, how to manage your emotions or finally become more confident.

No matter how difficult it is, know, it’s worth it. And you can do it best. Experiment, look for what is best for you. And most importantly, believe in yourself. You will succeed!

4. Life is creating us and it is not the vice versa, we are in the process of being created at every occasion. We learn new things that life shows and so we mound ourselves accordingly

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