Why do I feel as if people envy me?

  1. There are so many possibilities. Maybe you aren’t reading people right. What you interpret as negative energy might be something else, or it might be for some reason that doesn’t involve you, at all.

However, if you think they are all being envious of you and they aren’t, they might start giving you negative energy because you’re acting as if the world revolves around you.

Where I grew up, people didn’t brag. If you were good looking, a snappy dresser, confident and intelligent, you never said so. You let your actions speak for themselves. I don’t know if you point these things out to people in real life, but if you do, that could be a problem for you.

You could have poor people skills or poor emotional skills. You could be sarcastic. You could be a snob. You could be anything, even if you do treat people as you want to be treated.

So rather than asking people to speculate, maybe it would be more helpful to you if you asked the people you think are envious of you whether that is the case. If they say they are, then ask why. Only people who know you can give you the information you want.

2. Sounds like you’re a bit vain, actually quite a bit, and the fact that you feel others envy you, arrogant as well. This could be, or what you wish to be, but to feel it and say it does not make this envy so, it does though make you vain and arrogant, which also means you feel above others. It will be extremely upsetting to you with this high opinion of yourself if you are rejected and if you are disfigured or disabled even slightly, it may put you in a state of depression.

I would be aware of my abilities and qualities but not think to highly of them or project my opinion of myself unless it is required by whatever profession I choose. Even then a reality check is in order to prevent loss of self-esteem should your ego be brought down.

3. Well you seem like you know exactly what you want in life, and the people that envy you don’t. You seem like a very confident person and you got my one of my pet peeve’s down (treat other the way you would want to be treated.) just don’t let someone that is negative bring you down and that’s exactly what there are trying to do. Go for what you want in life don’t let some Debi downer blow up your confidence. Don’t expect that these people that are negative to go away there always going to be there you just got to get past them.

So what I’m saying is don’t let this bug negative mess up your life tell it to leave you alone and go for what you want in life.

4. You seem to me to know what and who you are and also what you want from life, which is quite an achievement, especially knowing that at such a young age. Don’t dismiss your feelings or listen to these other negative comments. Be proud of yourself not to the point of arrogance stay humble. If you feel something negative trust your feelings.

Sometimes there are people who would secretly like to have those same qualities but don’t, so they might feel envious of you. Keep being a nice person it sounds like you will go far in life.

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